The business on the delivery of healthy food for dogs

Webb says that to create a startup helped him experience as a consultant for manufacturers of pet food. Then he found out what ingredients are used for making dry food that give many dogs. What he learned disturbed him.

“I decided I want to cook food for my dog Winston, so I started doing it, says Webb. — Winston the food is like. Friends have said that they are willing to buy it from me. And it dawned on me”.

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Webb realized that pet owners need to offer new options. He could run a business that “has significantly affected the lives of Pets across the country.”

So there was a Pet Plate — service direct delivery to consumers of freshly prepared food from all-natural ingredients. Ingredients that people know.

“Many varieties of animal feed that are sold in stores contain ingredients that people should never eat,” says Webb.

Pet Plate cooks food for dogs in the shop, last check of the Ministry of agriculture of the USA, in Central new York state, in accordance with the same security protocols that uses Whole Foods, says Webb.

Sets of food are subjected to instant freezing to preserve nutrients and then transported to one of several distribution centers, from where they are sent directly to consumers. According to Webb, food items are brought in frozen, sealed box, similar to packaging Blue Apron.

“We pack all the food in dry ice with a fully biodegradable impermeable sheet, he said. — So freezing persists for three days after delivery.”

Webb claims that most of its buyers completely switched to buying fresh food from the Pet Plate. He also notes that small dogs like Winston, can be particularly picky with food. “In the United States, more and more dogs do not eat dry food, said Webb. — In addition, dogs who suffer from allergies need special diet. Pet Plate fits dogs with overweight or a sensitive stomach.”

It assures that your dog will be healthier and happier Pet food from the Plate just as you become healthier and happier when they eat healthy and fresh products.

All of these benefits and happiness are not cheap. Webb said most of his customers spend between $80 to $100 a month on Pet food Plate for small dog. For large dogs, according to him, the bill can reach $100 a week. “We have quite a few clients,” said Webb.

He refused to disclose the amount of revenue, but said that since the founding in 2017 Pet Plate delivered more than 3 million sets of food. The company now employs 10 staff. “It significantly exceeded our expectations,” he said.

Given that now the market of pet food valued at $30 billion, Webb believes that he has room to grow. Especially considering that about half of all dogs in USA suffer from obesity and die of cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases.

“There are many people who are trying to improve the health of their Pets, said Webb. — This is a great opportunity for Pet Plate”.

Translation Natalia Balabanchevo.

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