ICOs This Week: Etherisc, Worldopoly And Decoin ICO Review

Today On ICOs This Week we do ICO Reviews on Etherisc, a solution for delayed flight insurances, Worldopoly a blockchain-based game and Decoin, a profit-sharing exchange.

Etherisc: Decentralized Insurance For Delayed Flights

Etheriscis building a platform for decentralized insurance applications that plans on offering efficiency and automation with smart contract technology. This will enable the purchase and sale of insurance with lower operational costs, greater transparency into the industry and higher efficiency, all while democratizing the access to reinsurance. The website is beautifully laid out and the whitepaper has examples to help the reader to understand the project better.

The idea is basic, yet genius. By introducing blockchain technology to the insurance ecosystem, Etherisc plans on reducing the coordination cost with smart contracts. They’ll also introduce truly independent experts to act as claim handlers who will work independently from the insurance provider and add transparency and auditability to the community. Additionally, they plan on tokenizing risks with “Risk Pool Tokens”, which would allow people to invest in those risk pools and potentially generate profits.

From the outset, Etherisc has won multiple awards such as the Blockchain Startup Contest, the Blockchain Oscar for “Most Innovative Blockchain Startup”, the ICO Summit pre-ICO award and the start-up award in Zurich in 2017. The ratings in ICObench are high. Their community is well-establishedfor the Swiss projectwith over 3000 followers onTwitter, although their Telegram channel could increase response rates. The project is not over-hyped, which could make it a good project to read on. They have a good teamand,  a great set of advisors and have already made partnerships along the way.

Token economics, the ICO doesn’t have a defined date yet but it appears to be happening sometime during May. If you want to take part, you need toregisterand go through their Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) procedure. The token symbol will be DIP and the total supply is estimated at 1 billion, at $0.10 USD per token. The hard cap is set up at $30 million and the platform for the project is Ethereum. Furthermore, Etherisc offers an Early Contribution Agreement where early birds who register and sign can obtain up to a 25% bonus.

Worldopoly: A Blockchain-Based Mobile Game

Worldopolyis a real-time multi-player strategy game that implements blockchain /DAG Direct Acyclic Graph and augmented reality into a world-building simulation. It provides an economic incentive, compelling gameplay through the implementation of its own cryptocurrency WPT. Think of it as Monopoly meets SimCity within the blockchain. The platform will offer three types of currencies and the option to buy buildings and streets so you can create and improve your own city. Buildings can be sold or auctioned and there is player interaction available. The game will combine augmented reality, artificial intelligence, realism, geolocation and blockchain technology to provide users with the best experience available.

The idea is fresh and the website is structured to appear as a gaming site. It has great reviews on different websites such as ICObench, Foxico and others. It offers on-site chat assistance and a great deal of information. The mobile gaming industry is huge and the market is always expanding, showing a $33.6 billion revenue in 2016, so this project could become huge.

Token economics, well – they’re on the public pre-sale right now, ending onAprilMay 23rd. The token price is 0.12 USD with bonuses ranging from 5% to 25%. The total token supply is 200 millionavailable for sale, 150 million are for sale and 20 million available on pre-sale with a discount of up to 35%. The platform used is Ethereum. The minimum contribution is 1000 WPT tokens and a hard cap of 25000 WPT per registration. They already held a private sale and the main sale is scheduled from May 25th until June 21st.

As for the token distribution, they plan on issuing 75% into the ICO and the rest among founders, team, marketing, bonuses and a reserved funding. After the initial placement, the funds will be shared among IT development (30%), marketing and promotion (40%), acquisitions and partnerships (15%), operating and administrative expenses (10%) and legal expenses (5%).  They have a good set of advisors, good partnerships with multiple companies and projects, a good team, the information is well laid out and they’ve got a healthy community base with over 5k followers onTwitterand 7k on Telegram. 

Decoin: A Profit-Sharing Exchange

Decoinis a decentralized coin and trading platform exchange that will offer profits to coin holders. This is an open-source peer-to-peer digital ecosystem that will have its own digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP) token. The platform will work as an exchange to combine proof of stake, blockchain protocol, transparency, top level security and 24/7 live support for its users. As we’ve seen with other projects, Decoin is aiming to develop a user-friendly exchange for multicurrency operations with low transaction fees.

The fees will vary from 0.15% to 0.25% depending on the operation, and the exchange will firstly operate with a few coins, such as DECOIN (DTEP), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BTH), Bash (BASH), Litecoin (LTC), NEO (NEO), Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM). The main difference from many other projects we’ve reviewed in the past is the possibility of offering credit cards to its users. Additionally, the exchange will offerto all stakeholdersat least a 6.2% annual return to all stakeholders.

Token economics, the token supply is 140 million, 70 million will be distributed and the other half will be allocated and used to guarantee the 6.2% annual return promised to DECOIN holders. As for the allocation of the tokens, 60% will go to DECOIN holders, 18% for founders, 16% as a reserve and the rest among bounty program, team and advisors. 23% of the proceeds will go to licensing and legal fees, 20% to sales and compliance team, another 20% for marketing and PR and the rest among liquidity, research, development and operational costs. The price per DTEP token is 90 US cents. The platform used is Algo and they will accept ETH, BTW and fiat. The soft cap is $4 million and the hard cap is $30 million.

The Bulgarian team has great scores on ICObench, a perfect 5 in fact. The website and whitepaper are both well-laid-out, their community is strong with over 3,000 followers onTwitterand a 2,000 on Telegram, although this is not very active. 


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