Battletech’s First Expansion Announced

The first expansion for Paradox Interactive’s BattleTech got announced today, and it’s called Flashpoint. You can learn the details of the expansion in a new video narrated by the game’s director, Mitch Gitelman. You can pre-order this expansion now for $19.99 before it releases on November 27.

In Flashpoint, players will have the opportunity to take part in multi-mission contracts that bring them into direct conflict with the Great Houses. Gitelman shares that these contracts should tack on an additional 30 hours to BattleTech‘s post-game content. Each contract forces the player to face a command decision and includes a bonus item when completed.

This expansion also includes three new mech types players can use, a new mission type, and a new biome.

For those die-hard fans dedicated to playing BattleTech, you can choose to purchase the game’s season pass for $49.99. The season pass includes the Flashpoint DLC, and the two other planned expansions when the release.

If you purchase the season pass before October 25, you’ll receive an additional 20% off your total. The discount brings the total down to $39.99.

Not enough for you? Paradox made an even bigger bundle called the super-deluxe Mercenary Collection. In this collection, you’ll get access to the Deluxe Digital Edition and the season pass. You can buy this version now for $89.99.

Still on the fence about BattleTech? Check out our review and see if this grand strategy game about mechs is right for you!

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