Sega’s Judgement Finally Gets a Western Release Date

When Sega announced that the team behind Yakuza was working on an upcoming action detective game, then called Judge Eyes, it caught many players by surprise. Now, a few name changes later, the game has finally received a Western release date under the title Judgement.

The PS4 exclusive will officially launch in the West on June 25, though those who pre-order the game digitally will get access to it on June 21. Judgement released in Japan at the end of last year.

This game has a narrative-driven focus, featuring all of the investigative elements you’d expect from a crime-solving adventure. That said, it’s safe to say that the game’s investigative aspect will share more in common with something like Yakuza than Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, two games that have acted as comparisons for this new title.

That is, players will need to figure out ways to trick their foes, convincing them to put their guard down and reveal information or grant access to otherwise forbidden areas. From there, it will be up to the player to find, document, and interpret the evidence they need to crack the case.

Naturally, there’s also going to be some moments of intense combat involved in high-stakes cases like the ones Takayuki Yagami, the main character, will investigate. This is where Yakuza‘s influence is likely to come through strongest, with Takayki-san delving further into the dark deeds wreaking havoc on Kamurocho.

Despite sharing the crime and action focus of Yakuza, along with the same fictional city modeled after Tokyo’s red-light district, Sega executive Toshihiro Nagashi says fans should expect something completely different from Judgement. This sentiment has been reflected in previews of the game as well.

Specifically, GameSpot’s Michael Higman said: «Judgement provides a fresh perspective of a familiar setting. It may not be a Yakuza game by name, but the spirit seems to still be there.» Fortunately for players that have been excited to experience this firsthand, the now confirmed release date will give them a specific day to look forward to.

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