Battlefield 5 Firestorm Reveal Trailer Coming Tomorrow, Watch It Here

Battlefield V’s third chapter of content, Trial by Fire, kicks off later this month, and one of the most anticipated features it’ll bring to the game is Firestorm, Battlefield V’s take on battle royale. Developer DICE hasn’t yet announced when Firestorm will go live, but we’ll get our first real look at the mode very soon.

DICE is broadcasting Firestorm’s reveal trailer tomorrow, March 14. We don’t yet know how long the video will be or what it will showcase, but it’s scheduled to go live at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET. You’ll be able to tune in right here on GameSpot and watch the trailer via the embed below.

While tomorrow’s trailer will provide our first official look at Firestorm, fans got an early look at the mode recently when Firestorm’s tutorial video recently leaked online. According to that video, the mode will support Solo, Duo, and Squads options, and just as in other battle royale games, each match will begin with players parachuting out of a plane, then scrambling to find weapons and other items to help them survive.

EA has previously said that Firestorm will support up to 64 players. Unlike the rest of the game, the mode isn’t developed by DICE, but rather Criterion, the studio behind the Need for Speed series. The mode derives its name from the ring of fire that gradually closes in on the battlefield as matches progress.

In the meantime, the final event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, dubbed Unstoppable Force, is now live. Along with two Weekly Challenges, the event brings back the fan-favorite Rush mode, but it’ll only be around until March 20.

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