Ecletica Gothic and dark dance music: Playlist Viti Choi and Young Man

On August 10 at the bar “the Misanthrope” will be a party “Unidentified movement”, which is the fourth part of a series of events with anti-conservative guests — in July of 2017, the organizers held a party is the “Heart of winter” for friends in October — “Hope is dead” for friends and their friends, and in March, “Representing pleasure” — almost everyone.

On the eve of the fourth party, which will be open to everyone, The Village of Ekaterinburg publishes playlists two visiting headliners of the event.

Ufa producer, member of many legendary Moscow parties, such as JOY and Low, was a frequent guest of the club Netting, was published Dubfusion, Progressive Future and Amygdale Records. If you try to visualize his music, one can imagine a banging metal spoons on a pot of dense black pudding, the sound imbued with eclecticism, Gothic and risedronate rhythms. In his sets sounds: from the dark jungle to the simple sound of electric current.

Petersburg DJ, originally from Samara, where he began studying dance dark matters. Now mix Viti can be streamed on the waves TESTFM. Sumeba Miyako in Stackenschneider and other places of worship. The music he chooses from the party, according to circumstances, and The Village has given 9 random tracks from its permanent collection.


Photos: cover, 1 — Molodoy Chelovek; 2 — Victor Tsoi or Tsyo

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