As I live with HIV in Vladivostok

We the people think? HIV is we talked, and I can infect you. This kind of thinking is not eradicated. It forces me to go through it, to prove, to explain not. I believe that it is possible to protect yourself from it.

None of my new friends on the status knows. Different people will perceive. Even alone I not everyone is ready to talk.

Talked to friends who had used. Interestingly, when used, none was found positive, but as I said, all at once began to speak: “I also Have HIV. And I have HIV.”

None of his friends turned away from me. Among those few people who have no status, no one even moved away. Except I haven’t heard from loved ones.

There are some things that I am lucky to have people. I know that if my friends accidentally found out that I am HIV positive, I did not turn away. Even take the apartment, I clean — where there are children, families. I know that if I said that I would continue to work there.

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