Putin signed the law on new rules of carrying out of film festivals

President Vladimir Putin signed a law toughening films without distribution certificates for film festivals.

Enacted law clarifies the definition of the international film festival: it must be a competitive program with a duration of not more than ten days and the jury members. The list held in Russia the international festival will annually affirm the Ministry of culture.

The bill exempts from get a distribution certificate films made not more than a year ago. They must also enter in the competition program. Thus, the law threatens retrospectives and independent festivals that used to avoid obtaining rental licenses.

Earlier participants of the market have expressed the opinion that the festivals will not be able to operate under the new rules, which is already being called a tool of censorship. In the culture of the amendment compared with the introduction of a visa-free regime.

The theatrical network and organizers of film festivals has asked Putin not to sign the law. They believe that this law will deprive the viewers of the shows art films, retrospectives and many film events.

Source: official Internet portal of legal information

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