In Moscow will open the school of professional philanthropy

Charity Fund “Friends” in partnership with the Higher school of Economics launches educational program for managers of nonprofit organizations.

The school plans to become the first faculty of philanthropy in Russia. Students will study eight educational modules about various aspects of the work of NGOs: the state of the market of philanthropy and fundraising to the personal qualities and selection of employees.

Upon completion of training, the students will present the projects of new programs and directions for philanthropic foundations. The authors of the best project will receive paid educational trip to USA or the UK.

“In Russia more than 22 thousand NGOs, but there is no full-scale current program the training of leaders for the sector. Moscow school of philanthropy will be a kind of MBA for charity, a high standard for leaders of nonprofit organizations”, — said the businessman, co-founder of “Friends,” Dmitry Yampolsky.

Training will begin in November 2018, it will last nine months. The Ambassador of the school was the writer Michael Zygar. Students (paid and free) will be held until September 20. You can sign up on the website of the school.

Source: school officials

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