Arrived in Vladivostok huge cruise liner MSC Splendida

Today, August 7, arrived in Vladivostok, the largest in the history of Vladivostok liner MSC Splendida. On Board were about 3,000 passengers from Japan, and 1,000 crew members. Superliner arrives in the Pacific capital of Russia from the port of Aomori, followed to the shores of Japan in Sendai city.

During his stay in Vladivostok, foreign tourists planning to explore the city's historical centre, museums and Orthodox churches, the waterfront, the arch of the crown Prince, specific platform. During the day tourists can visit the shops to purchase interesting gifts.

The ship will depart from the pier of the Marine station at 19:00 in his honor will feature a March "Farewell of Slav".

SOURCE: vlc.ru

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