In Vladivostok completed renovation of the running track on the lake Chan

Wednesday, 15 August, Vladivostok has completed the renovation of the treadmill on lake Chan. In honor of the opening 20 of the athletes staged the first evening jog.

For 11 days work put put a new guard rail along the treadmill and dyed it green, put a new rebar and covered it with fresh concrete, leveled all depressions of the base and mounted on supports new wood flooring.

According to Alexander Nesterenko and Victor Ivanchenko, the founders of the treadmill, works – it is only a cosmetic repair. Until the status of the track is not perfect, it needs a major overhaul, and it needs to pass the object to the balance of the administration of Primorye. This issue will be solved with the territorial authorities. Until that time the overhaul in question.

Alexander Nesterenko noted that the idea with the sports area has not yet been realized. But already bought the bar and will soon install them.

Jogging track by the lake Chan built in 1988, the master of sports of international class in rowing Viktor Ivanchenko and master of sports of the USSR on track and field athletics Alexander Nesterenko.

At the end of may have started receiving complaints about the rotten floors and the failures on the running track. August 4 began the repairs, which sponsors have allocated 600,000 rubles, and the pharmacy head of the media holding Alexander Monastyrev has allocated 100,000 rubles for the sports area.

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