Experts recalled the rules of May picnics in the forest

May holidays – a favorite time for hiking in the woods and picnics in nature. Where the forest – there are ticks. Specialists of the metropolitan health department reminded Muscovites: ticks prefer places where heat and blood circulates – this is the neck, elbow fold, armpits, and also the inguinal zone. You can not feel the bite immediately, because the parasites inject anesthetic substances under the skin.

Experts recalled the rules of May picnics in the forestSince May 1, 2019, a hotline for the prevention of diseases that transmit ticks has been launched, according to the official website of Rospotrebnadzor. The main rule – going to the forest or to the dacha, do not leave a single open area of ​​skin where the parasite could stick. Long pants should be tucked into boots, shirts with tight cuffs. The neck should be closed with a kerchief or turtleneck with a high collar, and the head should be covered with a light cap.

Specialists from the metropolitan health department explained that ticks are most often found on the neck, in the crook of the elbow or in the armpits, and also in the groin. Therefore, it is better to refuse the idea of ​​going into the forest in a T-shirt with open arms and shoulders. It is also worth being alert to prevent problems of a delicate nature.

– There is a myth that ticks prefer to bite women. This theory has two explanations. First, a woman has thinner skin, so the parasite is easier to suck. Secondly, due to physiological characteristics, women are forced to sit down in the woods in need “in the bushes”, and there are some ticks that stick to the groin, ” the therapist Tatyana Charushina explains . – Parasites just prefer thick grass and shrubs, humidity, so if there is a need to go to the toilet in nature – it is better not to hide in the bushes, but to go away, but into the open space. In addition, some couples like to make love in nature, and after that just find ticks. This is dangerous, and the blanket does not always save. If you still can not resist the temptation of intimacy in nature, then after sex you should carefully examine each other’s bodies – whether the tick stuck.

According to the physician, if a tick is still found, then the main thing is not to panic, but to consult a doctor promptly. If you managed to pull out the parasite yourself, then a visit to the specialists is still necessary – to make sure that nothing is left inside the wound (inflammation is possible). Mites must be tested for analysis – if it turns out that he was a peddler of the infection, treatment is necessary.

However, encephalitis is not the only danger. In 2018 more than 11 thousand ticks were investigated in the laboratories, the leaders are ixodic tick-borne borreliosis, as well as piroplasmosis. In 2019, tick mites are already fixed, but positive results on dangerous infections have not yet been noted. If the infection is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

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