5 Tips for Moms, to Have a More Productive Day

Having a routine and plan is key when it comes to getting things done and being productive. I’m not just talking to the business world out there. Moms, I’m talking to you!

I know that the mere mention of the word “plan” can send some people into an instant panic. If that person is you, take a minute and a deep breath, this is going to be easy!

Are you someone who feels like you have been busy all day but don’t seem to get anything done?

These five tips are going to help you organize your time in a way to have a much more productive day! All these tips are tried and tested! These are all things I do in my daily and weekly routine that I have found to help eliminate stress and help to get things done!

5 Tips for Moms to Have a More Productive Day

Create a routine but be flexible

Routine is step number one, though you won’t be ready to outline your routine until you have finished reading the last four steps. But as you are reading, keep in your mind how you can apply each of these tips into your family’s own schedule.

One by one try to implement these tips into your day. They might not be easy at first but keep trying. As you make each one become a habit, you will find them simply slipping into your new routine.

Once you have that routine, remember that things change and so will your routine. Try your best to roll with the punches.

1. Wake up early

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a morning person. You can and should wake up early. Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier then you usually do. Try that for one week. Then the next week, try 15 minutes earlier again. Make it a goal to keep doing this until you are waking up one entire hour earlier then you currently are right now!

When you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, this is one way to conquer that challenge.

2. Get ready before the kids wake up

Now that you are waking up a little earlier then before, make it your goal to be getting ready before the kids are even out of bed. This one is huge for me! Admittedly, this doesn’t happen every day. But on the days that I do accomplish this goal, things go much smoother for everyone in our house.

The house is still peaceful and it’s the perfect time to get your mind relaxed and geared up for the day ahead of you. Find something special that you like to do in your morning routine that you can only do when the kids aren’t constantly knocking at your door. For me, I love to enjoy my shower!

When I wake up and get ready before the kids, it is my treat to take my time in the shower. I use that time to clear my head and organize my thoughts on what needs to happen for the day.

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3. Meal plan

The next step to having a more productive day is to meal plan! Think about it. How much time in your day do you spend thinking about what’s for dinner, getting all the ingredients together, maybe making a last minute trip to the store because you don’t have everything, and the list can go on and on. Or maybe you end up hitting the drive thru more than you are willing to admit. That can get expensive!

Creating a weekly or monthly meal plan is a huge time saver! You can read these articles to find out more information on how to make this process easier.

4. Daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists

Have you heard the term “brain dump” before? It’s when you sit down, maybe once a week, and write out everything you can think of that needs to be done. Keeping a master to-do list in your phone or on the fridge can help to. Organize this list into daily, weekly, and monthly lists.

Then at the beginning of your day/week/month you wont be feeling as overwhelmed with all the thoughts running through your head. This process is also going to help minimize the last minute panic of forgetting important tasks or dates.

5. Prioritize

With your lists in hand, it’s now time to prioritize. Start with what needs to be finished first. Another approach is to start the day with the task that you are least excited to do. The morning is usually a time when moms have the most energy. Getting the hardest job out of the way first will make your day feel less exhausting.

You got this!

Tackle these tips one at a time. Start with waking up early. Once you have accomplished that and made it a part of your routine, move on to the next productivity tip.

One step at a time and you will start to notice yours days running more smoothly, less stressed, and create a more peaceful home.

And don’t forget to go get your AVEENO Skin Relief Gentle Scent lotion or body wash at Target!

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