Legs against model shoes

Problems with the foot there are many, but mostly women are worried about several of them, causing severe pain or, at least, a feeling of discomfort.

“Ah, legs, legs! Where are you now? “- AS was distressed. Pushkin.And the same question can ask yourself most of the women who left adolescence, looking around their feet and discovering on them different unpleasant changes – a bulging “bone”, flat feet, hips, ingrown nails…

How to return the legs to the former charm, the correspondent of SHE recognized in the City Center for Poetry Novosibirsk NIITO.

Ingrown nail

This painful condition occurs most often due to improper cutting of the nail – in no case can you cut off the corners of the nail, trying to give it a rounded shape. Also, an ingrown nail can be congenital, or acquired as a result of trauma. In addition, the situation is complicated by wearing tight shoes. The disease is characterized by the growth of the skin over the edge of the nail or by the fact that the nail itself is immersed in the surrounding skin. Most often this process is accompanied by inflammation. At home, pain can be removed with the help of very hot salt baths, but still it is better not to delay and turn to a specialist – an orthopedist or a podiatrist, especially if suppuration begins.

“If there is pain, redness and swelling are signs of acute inflammation, and they need to consult a doctor. He can offer conservative treatment, instep supports for unloading the foot – after all, inflammation often occurs against the background of flat feet and the load falls on the nail growth zone. If these methods do not help, then you need to have an operation to finish once and for all the problem – to remove part of the nail with inflamed soft tissues. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia, “says Igor Anatolyevich Pakhomov, head of the city’s podiatric center.

To avoid ingrown nails, it is important to properly cut your nails. You can not cut them too short and cut corners.

Especially when the nail has already begun to grow and there is a natural desire to cut it, in order to get rid of the pain. The effect is only temporary, and the disease begins to progress.


The valgus deformity of the thumb, commonly called the “bone”, is one of the most common deformities of the foot. It usually occurs in women and is an inherent weakness of connective tissue or a consequence of various diseases, for example, arthritis. “The disease develops for three reasons: wearing tight shoes, walking on the asphalt and heredity,” says Igor Anatolyevich. – For prevention it is necessary to wear insole insoles, to engage in easy sports – swimming, cycling. ”

At the initial stages, valgus deformation is treated at home using an iodine net, “cooling” – a frozen plastic cup with water is applied to the sore spot.

If the pain does not pass, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor. The most often prescribed conservative treatment with orthopedic drugs, as well as physiotherapy, shock wave therapy. But sometimes it is recommended and surgical intervention: “The formation of an operative curative program is possible only after a thorough conversation between the patient and a specialist,” the doctor explains. – This is a very delicate work, it takes into account not only the physical, but also the psychological state of a person. Sometimes an operation is really necessary, because otherwise the situation can not be corrected, and sometimes it is enough just to calm a person and prescribe a physiotherapy. ”

Surgical intervention in the treatment of valgus deformity is one of the most difficult operations in orthopedics, because the “bone” is only an external manifestation of complex deformation of the skeletal-soft tissue structure, however, in some cases hospitalization is not required, or the person is left in the hospital for 2-3 days.


Excess pronation is caused by congenital weakness of the connective tissue, frequent on the legs, can appear during pregnancy, and also with excessive body weight. Flat feet cause discomfort and frequent foot fatigue, being an indirect cause of other foot diseases. In any case, you should contact a specialist for a qualified consultation about the disease.


Keratosis is formed from the growth of dead cells, hardening and compacting. In small volumes, it is even useful, since it protects the fat layer from excessive pressure. However, sometimes hyperkeratosis can be caused by a dislocation or dystrophy of the fat pad, causing severe pain. Also, hyperkeratosis can become inflamed, and this should be paid special attention to people with diabetes.

“Pain does not always accompany inflammation,” says the doctor. “Sometimes the patient does not have pain, and the disease progresses at the same time.”

Get rid of hyperkeratosis, cutting natoptyshi, it is impossible – it can provoke inflammation. 

It is necessary to consult a doctor who will recommend insole insoles and other methods of treatment. Very often foot diseases are caused by wearing tight model shoes. The doctor recommends to approach this problem with great attention, but does not call to completely forget about fashion shoes: “It is impossible to force women to give up model shoes, and it is not necessary,” says Igor Anatolyevich. – To prevent foot diseases, it is reasonable to approach it.

Model shoes are best worn only in special cases, and in the rest of the time to wear physiological shoes, that is, shoes with a heel not more than 5 cm, with a soft, non-squeezing finger area and elastic sole. ” 

It is possible that this simple rule will help women avoid many problems with the foot. However, as the doctor correctly noted, it is unlikely that we will be able to force our ladies to abandon the model shoes in favor of a comfortable and discreet one. It is not for nothing that a famous connoisseur of female beauty Alexander Pushkin praised the legs of contemporaries – even then the girls realized that high heel shoes have the property of emphasizing the slender legs, adding to the romantic image of a secular lady. Since then, little has changed, but still you should not bring your own health as a sacrifice to beauty.

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