Our Family Summer Routine, for Kids

Kids thrive when they have sort of order to their day. That is where your summer routine for kids comes into play! In order remain “the fun mom” and still compose some sort of sanity, you have to find a balance of fun and order.

Use this FREE Summer Schedule for Kids Printable to get your family motivated to get the important chores out of the way to make room for fun summer activities.

Take a look at how a typical day works for our family when we use our family summer schedule for kids.

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Summer Schedule for Kids FREE PRINTABLE

Click the image below that you want to download.

It’s a great idea to laminate these summer routines for kids printables so you can use a dry erase marker check off which activities the kids have accomplished. Then easily erase each morning to start new!

Two years ago we invested in this super affordable  $40 Laminator  and use it all the time! It’s also what I used to keep our Summer Bucket List 2018 safe from all the sticky little hands!

Also, this pack of 100 Laminating Pouches that has lasted me the last two years and I still have a ton left.

What Does Your Summer Routine for Kids Look Like?

I would love to hear what you incorporate into your summer routine for kids? Let’s chat in the comments!

Thanks so much for stopping in and I will talk to you soon! Xoxo

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