Mohamed Ali and the yield of the protesters

Equated with the days of Tahrir Sq, the numbers seem minor; a few hundred protesters dotted across Egypt calling for a conclusion to Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ‘s rule.

On That Listening Post this week: Weeks of viral videos revealing rampant file corruption within the army and the governing administration trigger protests in Egypt. Plus, a Canadian far-right outlet and its power to radicalise via YouTube.

Covering the return of Egypt’s protesters

But those demonstrators had the first visible signs of governmental unrest there in ten years.

All the protests were called for next to some sort of former military contractor, Mohamed Ali. He has been advertisment videos online telling reports of rampant corruption and also implicating the president their self.

Ali’s video tutorials have spurred other Egyptians to post their own stories using corruption, including military personnel, which has analysts theorising the real threat to the president can come from within.

Understandably, Egyptian media outlets, praised for doing the government’s bidding, in the beginning tried to ignore the story viewpoint now, they are trying to to get go away.


Amr Khalifa – analyzer and political columnist

Hussein Baoumi with Egypt researcher, Amnesty Arena

Professor Dalis Fahmy – associate professor of Political Science, Longisland University

Ibrahim Halawi – teaching like-minded in International Relations, Suprême Holloway, University of London and counties

On our senseur

Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Tariq Nafi about the hate directly marketed 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg in the infos and online.

The right perspective? YouTube, radicalisation and Rebel Media

Muslim invaders; feminists out to destroy our lifestyle; a coming white genocide – these are among the web based obsessions of the far-right.

They have been weaponised additionally monetised by some skilful provocateurs on YouTube, producing viral content that is capable of doesn’t just radicalising the views of them who watch it, yet of driving some towards acts of violence.

Among the best-known students of the art are The Cool dude Media, a small Canadian shop whose contributors have packaged together names like Hopkins, Robinson, and Gorka – anyone known for peddling some harmful tropes at home and thrilled to be granted an outlet offshore.

Most of the Listening Post is the reason Flo Philips goes down usually the far-right rabbit hole and moreover into the YouTube outlets radicalising their viewers.


Michael Coren how to pick columnist and broadcaster

Jonathan Goldsbie choosing editor, Canadaland

Amira Elghawaby – surfboard member, Canadian Anti-Hate ‘network ‘

Jared Holt – investigative reporter, Correctly Wing Watch

Caleb Cain – ancient Rebel Media viewer

Source:   Al Jazeera News

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