Trump slammed over comment on intense Greta Thunberg speech

US Former president Donald Trump has ignited outrage in social media after posting what seemed to be a sarcastic think against teenage climate live wire Greta Thunberg.

Swedish climate bustler Greta Thunberg speaks of the 2019 United Nations Climate Operation Summit Lucas Jackson/Reuters

“She seems like a very chuffed young girl looking forward to your own bright and wonderful expectations. So nice to see!, very well Trump wrote on 推特 on Monday night.

His comment came as a response to a video so showed a distressed Thunberg accusing globe leaders of betraying your darling generation by not actively engaged in enough to act on temp change.

“This is all wrong, ” pointed out the 16 year old,   handling leaders at the United Nations Temp Action Summit in Houston.

“I shouldn’t be up here. I would be back in school on the other side of a ocean. Yet you virtually all come to us young people to hope? How dare you! ” added Thunberg, who   has launched a climate struck movement that mobilised unité in a   worldwide come up   on to Friday.

The Swedish activist, who took on a  two-week journey   about the sailboat to attend the average temperature summit in New York, pulled worldwide attention last year at what time she skipped school in order to protest against inaction forward climate change outside your darling country’s parliament. Since then Thunberg has met with the papas, and attended anti-coal protests in Germany as part of the actual call to motivate college students to take action to combat the type of climate crisis.  

Following Trump’s reply to Monday, many also accepted Twitter to respond to your guy:

Persons expressed surprise:

While US actor Willie Garson accused him of being an “evil world leader”.

Thunberg firmly looked at Trump when the actual briefly crossed paths featuring him on Monday in a UN.

Gets results reaction also generated a variety of responses on social media. “I think a lot of us can bond, ” Julian Castro, a definite Democratic presidential contender, authored on Twitter.

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