Exiled Egyptian businessman complains of the surveillance in Spain

A former Egyptian military designer and installer whose social media videos resulted in rare protests against Former president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi   over the weekend  says he’s being watched and and then “officers” who “want throughout kill” him.  

Mohamed Ali said he has been hiding from ‘officers’ who want to kill him Screengrab/Al Jazeera

In a new video media posted late on Monday,   Mohamed Ali   said  a group of officers had been looking him for two weeks present in The world , where he lives in self-imposed exile.

The surveillance up and running, he said, soon after that he posted a   video on social media  accusing   el-Sisi and the army of corruption and using umum funds to build palatial households.  

“For two weeks I have been hiding in addition to the running away from them… krydsning officers, ” he known, without specifying which nationality those spying on the child belonged to.

“They want to kill me… So i’m too tired to run any further. They are too many, ” Ali said.

Ali said he was  holding the Spanish officers responsible for his safety and security.

“If I generate killed in Spain, this is that Europe is a enrollar just like the United States and is particularly willing to give up anybody, alone he said.

The 45-year-old’s pornofilme – posted on Facebook and even Twitter – have been considered millions of times, turning your man into a public figure in his homeland. On Friday, thousands of people accepted the streets in several Egyptian cities demanding el-Sisi’s cast off.  

Smart shows of dissent are probably rare in Egypt, the point at which el-Sisi has banned unauthorised demonstrations and jailed thousands of dissidents.

The president has denounced Ali’s claims as lunch break lies on top of that slander “.

Ali contains called for a million-man walk on Friday to consult el-Sisi’s removal from ability.

In his latest video, Ali stated hope that the Egyptian ministries of defence and home would exercise restraint in the face of protests against el-Sisi, and moreover would not crack down on typically the protesters.

Your boyfriend told protesters to only raise  Egypt ‘s flag during Friday’s march, and called when university and school english language learners to boycott their lesson from Tuesday until Thursday night.

More than 600 people have been arrested on Egypt since the protests grown in, according to the Egyptian Center because of Economic and Social Practices.

Relationship, Amr Magdi, a researcher at Human Rights Appreciate, said he feared a tad bit more repression in Egypt following weekend demonstrations.

“Not only have numerous protesters reportedly been arrested, but security forces also have arrested lawyers trying to backup detainees, as well as journalists or even a citizens shooting video of your crackdown, ” he stated that on Saturday.

“Authorities keep moved to block news internet websites, including BBC Arabic since US-funded Al-Hurra TV, and as a consequence interrupted Internet services as used by protesters, including Facebook Inhabit and messaging apps, inches he added.

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