People of Uganda will rise up if Museveni rigs vote

But his rise to prominence has not been without its challenges. Robert Kyagulanyi – the pop star-turned-politician who is recognised by the stage name Bobi Wine – is recognised as the new face with regards to Uganda ‘s opposition.

Bobi Wine’s popularity is considered a threat to President Yoweri Museveni , that been in office for more than three decades.

“I have not realistically experienced a Uganda with another president. As well as more than 80 percent of Ugandans that are in the same claim, ” Bobi Wine tells them Al Jazeera. “That exceptionally gets us disturbed. We have been denied an opportunity to contribute to regarding country. We have been excluded as a thoughtful new generation. And we aspire to contribute to building our around the, which we know we are going to want to work. ”

“Certainly, the people making decisions usually are not going to be there to make sure you either benefit or are prone to the decisions – which may evidently wrong – they’re making for us. ”

The Ugandan governing has arrested and prosecuted Bobi Wine several times, in conjunction with opposition figure has cited security forces of torturing him.

And 37-year-old is not holding somewhere his ambitions.

In fact , he is now in real time challenging President Museveni into elections expected to be kept in 2021.

“We know that Museveni is interested to rig the election, he’s done it in the past… But yet we are banking on intensified him because a vote can be simply rigged if it’s not difficult, ” says Bobi Bottle of wine. “And ultimately, if Chief executive Museveni tries to rig and the election… the people of Uganda will rise up and they will just stop it… They are tired of this approach operation and they are tired and they’re going to not take it any longer. lunch break

But Red or white wines stresses that he does not confidence violence and that they are   using and will continue to use “all legitimate and lawful ways of defending our sound. ”

“We are looking at breaking a real dictatorship and having Uganda under civilian rule, which includes never happened before. ”

So , will his popularity be adequate to get him elected? And exactly what are his plans around the way forward?

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