Pope Francis accepts resignation of a NYC bishop accused pointing to abuse

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a New York City bishop who was accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy in the 1980s, the Vatican said on Thursday.

Papas Francis accepted the resignation of a New York City bishop who was simply accused of sexually maltreating a teenage boy for the 1980s File: Alessandra Tarantino/The Associated Press

Auxiliary Bishop John Jenik denied the allegation when it was first brought to the New York City archdiocese last year.

He nevertheless stopped public ministry and moved out of his Bronx parish.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the archdiocese’s lay review board had found the allegation to be “credible and substantiated”, and he turned the case over to the Holy See for further investigation, since only the pope can decide a bishop’s fate.

Jenik turned 75 in March, the normal retirement age for bishops. As a result, it was not immediately clear if the  Vatican made any determination with regards to the abuse allegation.

For decades, the Vatican improved a blind eye to positively bishops and cardinals which company raped and molested adults and children or covered up the criminal acts.

It was Dolan’s archdiocese that received difficulty with sexual misconduct by ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, cases that do launched a new reckoning within the united states Catholic Church hierarchy.

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