DeSantis refuses to call out Trump’s silence on Hurricane Idalia

Ron DeSantis has refused to call out Donald Trump’s deafening silence over Hurricane Idalia – as the former president stays mum despite being a resident of the Sunshine State.

The Florida governor held an early morning press conference in Tallahassee on Wednesday where he warned residents that the category 4 hurricane would make landfall within around two hours, bringing with it “life-threatening” storm surges to the Big Bend region.

When asked in the briefing to comment on the fact that Mr Trump has not addressed the dangerous storm heading to the state that he calls home, Mr DeSantis quickly dismissed the question.

“Not my concern. My concern is protecting the people of Florida, being ready to go,” he said.

He continued to instead talk about the preparedness of the state for the hurricane: “In Florida, you just have to do this.”

Mr DeSantis has repeatedly refused to be drawn to criticise Mr Trump as the two former allies go head to head to become the next Republican presidential candidate.

While the former president regularly attacks the Florida governor in scathing Truth Social posts, Mr DeSantis has appeared cautious in responding – appearing concerned that he would alienate MAGA Republicans.

In Wednesday’s briefing, Mr DeSantis warned that Hurricane Idalia will make landfall in Florida by around 8am ET on Wednesday morning in Taylor County and the Big Bend region.

Idalia strengthened into a Category 4 storm in the early hours of Wednesday morning, meaning it is headed for the state with sustained winds in excess of 130mph and “life-threatening” storm surge.

“The storm surge up to 16 feet in some areas of the Big Bend region – this storm is life-threatening,” he said.

“So do not go outside in the storm… if it’s calm where you are it may be because you are in the eye of the storm.”

Thousands of residents are under warning zones – either having been urged to evacuate in advance of the storm approaching or warned to hunker down in homes until further notice.

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