Cars: Road front: 5 best off-road vehicles during the Second world war

Внедорожники войны.

The SUV war.

World war II was the largest military conflict in human history. At that time there was a really terrible event. However, this time was a period of engineering development. It was during this period, there have been an incredible amount of different cars.

1. Willys MB
Виллис поставлялся всем союзникам.

The jeep was delivered to all allies.

Military avtmobilya to the bone. Developed the Willys MB was specially to mark the beginning of the Second world war. The design of the car was so successful that the Americans supplied all the countries of the allies in the war with the Nazis. Used machine and after the war. She has also received numerous new models and a lot of modifications.

2. GAZ-61
ГАЗ-61 специально для командования.

GAZ-61 specifically for the command.

The Soviet car, which was created specifically for the command staff. This machine should have a high permeability. Surprisingly, it was the GAZ-61 was the first in the world of comfortable SUV. The experience of the Soviet automakers then took over and in other countries.

3. Volkswagen Tour 82 Kuebelwagen
Тип 82 был излюбленным трофеем союзников.

The type 82 was a favorite trophy of the allies.

Multi-purpose utility vehicle in Germany, which also originally created for the needs of the command. Very lightweight with high traffic, it is valued not only of Wehrmacht soldiers but also the soldiers of the allies, who did not deny himself the pleasure to capture the trophy Volkswagen Tour 82 Kuebelwagen.

4. Dodge WC-51
Этот Додж тягал пушки.

This Dodge was pulling a gun.

Heavy American SUV, whose main attraction was an incredible simplicity. To use the machine, including for the transportation of artillery. Even at a high load Dodge WC-51 successfully stormed any off-road. Dodge went under lend-lease in the Red Army.

5. GAZ-64
Советский ГАЗ-64 похож на американского собрата.

Soviet GAZ-64 similar to the American counterpart.

The Soviet Union had its own light SUVs. However, for anybody not a secret that the design of “spied” our engineers the Americans. The result here is such a fun (and similar to horror) sample with a decent cross.

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