Cars: KrAZ has released all-wheel-drive motorhome

КрАЗ выпустил суровый дом на колесах.

KrAZ released a harsh home.

In the light of new RV terrain based truck KrAZ. The machine was incredibly reliable and functional, though perhaps too “Spartan”. Will appreciate a truck like that only those who loves to challenge difficulties.

Система отопления есть.

The heating system is.

Recently it became known that the Kremenchug automobile plant has released its own home on wheels terrain. The basis was taken the KrAZ truck with all-wheel drive. When you first look at this “miracle” can be difficult to guess what it is, but need not to doubt, KrAZ FPV-14224 (this is the index of the model) will take you there where any other car would have just stood up and refused to go.

Вся необходимая мебель на месте.

All the necessary furniture in place.

The caravan turned out to be quite simple, especially in the “aesthetic” component. Nothing surprising in this, after all, was developed for the FPV-14224 special for the producers and operate in the harshest conditions, in those places where the beauty of the car body – this is the last thing a person thinks in need of a dry bed and a warm corner. Will certainly appreciate the FPV-14224 and those for whom camping is not a dream in the sun on the beach, and hunting and fishing.

Есть откидной столик.

There is a folding table.

On truck KrAZ was put kung steel insulated with double glazing. The truck has an auxiliary heater and a diesel generator. Their power is 8 kW and 4 kW, respectively. There are equipment and conventional air conditioner split system. Thus to use the FPV-14224 possible throughout the year.

Кухня на месте.

The kitchen on site.

Amenities at the house on wheels just say “Spartan”. Of furniture there is a wardrobe, three folding shelves, table, locker and several drawers for all sorts of things, for example, for tools and gear. The presence of toilet in the FPV-14224, you can’t even count, it is not. However, there are dry berths and it is important that kitchen. In addition, the machine is rich basic equipment. Here some removable lights, and boxes full of tools, fire fighting devices, several kits, and more.

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