Cars: 12 cars “Niva”, which has not seen the majority of the domestic drivers

Малоизвестные Нивы.

Little-Known Fields.

Every driver in the former Soviet Union knows the car “Niva”. However, there are quite a few interesting models that I saw, not every motorist. And it’s not always about some concepts. Many of these “unknown” vehicles were produced in large enough quantities.

1. Lada Niva iKRA
Доводилось ли видеть такую Lada Niva iKRA.

Ever see a Lada Niva iKRA.

Export version of the model of iKRA, which was exclusively for export. Supplied machine is mainly for the market in Spain. It is noteworthy that the forums are online and auctions are still looking for and offer to her the details.

2. Lada Niva Special
Удлиненная Lada Niva Special для Чехии.

Extended Lada Niva Special to the Czech Republic.

A real surprise from the Czech Republic. The extended model, which was distributed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through a local licensed dealer network. To find such a car today, but only on the secondary market.

3. Lada 4×4 Niva Poch
Lada 4x4 Niva Poch для ралли Париж-Дакар.

Lada 4×4 Niva Poch for rally Paris-Dakar.

This “field” was prepared by the French Agency Poch. The car successfully competed in the rally “Paris-Dakar”. Race was built eight of these cars. The most powerful model got a 3.5-liter engine with the “herd” 310 “horses”. The machine had also a lot of carbon fiber elements.

4. Deutsche Lada Niva California
Deutsche Lada Niva California сделана в Германии.

Deutsche Lada Niva California made in Germany.

Surprisingly, in Germany, Niva is very popular. Don’t forget about this car, even in our days. Behold this beauty with sunroof and 15-inch discs appeared in the local market in 2009.

5. Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio
Милая модификация Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio.

Nice modification Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio.

Another representative of a foreign modifications of Russian “Niva”. This car was cut off the factory roof, but instead put out such a canvas top. In order not to fall the stiffness of the structure, local craftsmen added to the tubular frame in the back.

6. Lada 4×4 Niva “St-Tropez”
Машина St-Tropez пользовалась спросом во Франции.

Machine St-Tropez in demand in France.

All-wheel drive Niva has always enjoyed good demand in the markets of Europe. It is this model, for example, were sold at dealerships in France. And Yes, the car was made by tuning in the style of Koenig wide body kits and the abundance of painted plastic.

7. VAZ-2131 “Antel”
Смелый эксперимент Антэл не пустили в серию.

A bold experiment Antel was not allowed in the series.

A series of car did not go, although it could be a very original response to the WHA on the Tesla Model X. This “field” with five doors equipped with a power unit on hydrogen-oxygen elements. The car makes no emissions and makes no noise. Presented it back in 2001.

8. VAZ-2121 Auviga
ВАЗ-2121 Auviga была сделана в Прибалтике.

VAZ-2121 Auviga were made in the Baltic States.

Full SUV turned in the Baltics, first in the truck, and then made for it yet and the removable dwelling unit, the main feature of which was that it removed very easily and quickly. It turned out really interesting.

9. BRONTO-212182 “Force”
Хорошо защищенная Бронто Форс.

Well protected BRONTO Force.

Armored Niva made by craftsmen from the company’s BRONTO. Able to withstand fire from TT pistols and a Kalashnikov. The car is available in three versions differing in the roof, trunk and doors.

10. BRONTO-212183 “Landole”
Для интенсивного отдыха подойдет Ландоле.

For intensive leisure suit Landole.

Beach buggy from the already mentioned company BRONTO. The machine was produced in several modifications in small batches from 1998 to 2009. The car has no doors. He also received a fully tubular frame.

11. BRONTO-1922-55 “March-Kombi”
Марш-Комби для штурма болот.

March-Kombi for storm swamps.

If you want something really brutal, you should look at this swamp. In fact, the buggies on the basis of “Niva” is quite a popular phenomenon. Specifically, this has 80 HP engine and average fuel consumption is 14.2 liters per 100 km.

12. Lada Gorbi
Lada Gorbi тоже Нива.

Lada Niva too Gorbi.

It will be difficult to believe, but this car is Niva. At the time, it worked on one of the major experimenters in the field of aerodynamics – Luigi Colani. The machine is made in one piece and accelerates to 200 km/h.

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