Cars: 5 cars, where the presidents went to the inauguration

На чем ездят принимать присягу президенты разных стран.

What ride to take the oath of the presidents of the different countries.

Every President once elected should take part in the inauguration ceremony. And at this event the newly elected heads of state travel, usually by car. This review is about the inaugural car will be discussed.

1. Petro Poroshenko (Ukraine)
Отличный выбор представительского авто.

Great choice of Executive cars.

Petro Poroshenko came to the inauguration on a good Mercedes Medley with index S600. At the time this car was replaced in his family fundamentally outdated model with 128-th body, which was produced until 1998.

2. Donald trump (USA)
Большой автомобиль большого человека.

Big car big man.

The infamous President of the USA came to the inauguration ceremony on a luxury armored Chevrolet Suburban. The limousine, which is more like some kind of SUV, was specially assembled for the head of state.

3. Emmanuel Macron (France)
Необычный выбор президента Франции.

Unusual choice of the President of France.

The French President attended the ceremony of inauguration rather modestly. As car the head of state chose a Renault Espace. Of course, the car is not as simple as it might seem. It is armored and has some other improvements for convenience.

4. Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus)
Выбор президента Беларуси.

The choice of the President of Belarus.

Almost all the official events the President of the Republic of Belarus goes on your Mercedes S-class S600. The last inauguration was no exception. On it the head of state arrived at the Pullman limousine W140, made on the basis of the same “six-hundredth”.

5. Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Germany)
Официальное авто Германии.

Official auto Germany.

The Federal President of Germany to take the oath came to put his staff Mercedes-Benz S600L. However, this car is used in the country by an absolute majority of officials.

Bonus: Vladimir Putin (Russia)
Новый кремлевский кортеж.

New Kremlin motorcade.

Most recently, the inauguration ceremony was the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of the country this time arrived to the ceremony by car domestic, designed specifically for government officials in the framework of the project “Cortege”.

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