Cars: 5 engines to avoid “secondary”, to avoid an expensive repair

При покупке подержанного авто следует уделить внимание надежности его двигателя. | Фото: en.wikipedia.org

When buying a used car should pay attention to the reliability of its engine. | Photo: en.wikipedia.org

When choosing a car, especially in the secondary market, the clients, special attention should be paid to its reliability. This is especially true of the engine is the most expensive machine Assembly. However, sometimes even the most famous brands disappoint their motors. About the engines, which should be avoided on the “secondary market” – later in the review.

1. BMW N47
У BMW N47 уже к 85000 км пробега могла растянуться цепь ГРМ. | Фото: avtosensei.ru

The BMW N47 is already to 85000 km mileage could be stretched timing chain. | Photo: avtosensei.ru

BMW N47 – diesel four-cylinder engine capacity from 1.6 to 2.0 L. It was established in 2007 to replace outdated series motor M47. Until 2017 this power unit was available for almost the whole model range of BMW.

The most problematic part of the engine was the timing chain that is stretched already to 85 000 km. Chain replacement turned out to be no easy thing. Since it is located from the side of the flywheel should be removed just the motor. If this is not done, the chain may soon completely disrupted, and there is no major repair is necessary.

2. Volkswagen 1.4 TSI
Маленький Polo разочаровал надежностью своего двигателя. | Фото: en.wikipedia.org

The little Polo was disappointed with the reliability of my engine. | Photo: en.wikipedia.org

1.4 TSI is the engine of concern VAG, go into production back in 2009. Despite a small amount, the motor gives a very adult power: from 122 to 180 HP to achieve such performance through the use of direct injection and turbocharger. This motor was put on a large number of cars of the concern, until the big sedan Volkswagen Passat.

Due to the high degree of forcing the engine design came pretty loaded. Not reliability of the fuel system, timing chain is stretched already at the mileage of 100,000 km, but because of the high compression not uncommon for this engine was detonation.

Besides, the little motor is very poorly heated in cold weather. It should be noted that later versions of the engine deprived of many these problems.

3. Renault/Nissan 2.2 dci (G9T)
Довольно популярный Renault Espace получил двигатель с кучей «детских» болячек. | Фото: вesplatka.ua

Quite popular Renault Espace received the engine with a bunch of little sores. | Photo: вesplatka.ua

Despite the opinion of the high reliability of diesel engines, failed instances among them is not uncommon. One of these is the engine 2.2 dci (G9T) of the Alliance “Renault – Nissan”. This diesel was put on a large number of models of both brands. In particular for small vans such as the Renault Espace IV and Nissan Interstar.

The engine turned out to be extremely unreliable, with a lot of childhood ills, including: crank connecting rod bushings, oil getting into the combustion chamber through the turbine, and also very unreliable fuel system. Such a motor can deliver a lot of problems to the owner, especially when the mileage is over 100,000 km.

4. Mazda Renesis
Двигатель Ванкеля имеет более высокий показатель мощности, чем его поршневые «собратья». | Фото: yahoo.com

The Wankel engine has a higher power rating than its piston counterparts. | Photo: yahoo.com

Mazda has long remained the only automaker that is mass-completed its cars rotary Wankel engine. This motor has higher power rating than its piston counterparts.

So, the motor is mounted on the Mazda RX-8, the volume of 1.3 l gives as much as 230 HP However, the disadvantages of it too much. And if with a bad economy, the engineers managed to cope, the reliability remains its Achilles heel. The resource of this engine is about 60,000 km, after which the motor simply need to be replaced. Today, rotary engines are not commercially available.

5. Mercedes-Benz M272/M273
Подержанные Mercedes-Benz могут доставить гораздо больше хлопот, чем того ждешь от этой марки. | Фото: deutschlanddeutsch.ru

Used Mercedes-Benz can deliver much more of a hassle than you expect from this brand. | Photo: deutschlanddeutsch.ru

M272/M273 – the family of V-shaped, six – and eight-cylinder engines from Mercedes-Benz. The engine was presented in 2004 and had a number of variations. These motors were not nearly as reliable as their older brothers.

Already to 60 thousand miles can have problems with the timing chain. Turned out to be unreliable intake manifold, leaking oil cooler. For big versions of the engine happen burrs in the cylinder. In the secondary market of cars with this engine can deliver much more of a hassle than waiting for the car brand Mercedes-Benz.

To get the maximum pleasure from the car, its engine needs to be not only reliable, but also powerful. Fortunately, for a car with this motor does not always need to pay a lot. About such cars in the article: 5 cars, which are preferred for their speed and availability.

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