Cars: 7 reasons why Tesla is completely in their cars

Электрический седан Tesla Model 3 оказался не так уж и хорош. | Фото: geektimes.com.

Electric sedan Tesla Model 3 was not so good. | Photo: geektimes.com.

Last year in the showrooms there is a new Tesla electric car, which drivers pinned high hopes. But the car called the Model 3, though many, were not so good. Motorists, journalists and masters of a HUNDRED have found out the main shortcomings of the trendy electric car. Read more about Tesla Model 3 that has already been called one of the most low-quality cars over the past 10 years – in the following review.

1. Eliminated details
На новой машине уже отпадают некоторые детали. | Фото: cheatsheet.com.

The new car is drop out some of the details. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

Many American motorists are complaining about the low quality cars Tesla Model and compare them with the Korean models of the 1990-ies. At the time, Kia and Hyundai had a reputation of cheap brands that produce cars with numerous defects.

In the current Tesla roughly the same situation: hood and trunk do not close, disappear plastic lining window mullions and hood.

2. Rust
Пятна ржавчины на кузове новенького седана Tesla Model 3. | Фото: cheatsheet.com.

Rust spots on the body of the new sedan Tesla Model 3. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

The owners of the new sedan Tesla Model 3 are already complaining that their cars with a little more mileage are starting to rust. This photograph shows the lower part of the door which is already made by the corrosion. Also a lot of drivers Model 3 I share the observation that the paint is very easily scratched.

3. Bad picture with the rear camera
Камера заднего вида на Tesla Model 3 дает явственно видимый эффект «рыбьего глаза». | Фото: electrek.co.

Rear camera for Tesla Model 3 gives a clearly visible effect of a fisheye. | Photo: electrek.co.

On the forum of owners of the Tesla Model 3 drivers complain that the picture from the rear camera are distorted and blurred. And it’s really a problem, since Parking is very inconvenient. But the owners of the Tesla Model S, reported that in this model no such problem.

4. The total failure of the touch screen
Неисправный сенсорный экран Tesla Model 3. | Фото: cheatsheet.com.

Faulty touch screen Tesla Model 3. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

In the Tesla completely and devices “tied” to the touch screen. That is why the failure of the display actually leaves the car “on the fun”. Such cases are, unfortunately, known.

There are also breakdowns of the touch screen when the screen is lots of lines, and the image twitches. To use such a device absolutely impossible.

5. The touch screen functionality
Передняя панель в электрокаре Tesla Model 3. | Фото: youtube.com.

The front panel is in the electric Tesla Model 3. | Photo: youtube.com.

Another problem associated with a touch display, is its excessive functionality. The driver constantly having to break from driving to check the speed or direction of motion. And to manage the available functions, such as the same navigation, the driver must choose a submenu, and there already to look for a button. Again, on the road at this little one looks potentially dangerous.

A big part of the problem could be solved by installing traditional devices and the projection system on the windshield (HUD).

6. The lack of access in the car
Порой Tesla может стать абсолютно недоступной. | Фото: cheatsheet.com.

Sometimes Tesla can become completely inaccessible. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

The owners of the Tesla Model 3 can also be a problem of access to the car. Known cases when drivers can’t get to the salon without specialized assistance. For the Tesla has a simple metal key, and electronic key card or the iPhone app simply does not work. You have to call a technicians with Tesla, so they opened the hood with the help of special equipment.

7. Off while riding
Предупреждение о том, что машина сейчас сама «перезагрузится». | Фото: cheatsheet.com.

The warning that the car now itself “restarts”. | Photo: cheatsheet.com.

One of the American motorists recorded a video about the issue that happened with his Tesla Model 3. On the display his car there was a message that the car will be “reloaded”. Immediately after this, the system is rebooted.

At first glance, there is nothing to worry, if not one “but”: it all happened right on the street, during a trip in the lively city. In Tesla this video did, and he prokompasirovali what happened, “controller failure high napryajeniya”. Undoubtedly, this is a very dangerous failure, as can happen at the most inopportune moment.

And more recently, American engineers introduced the ultra-modern truck that is easy to “push” overexposed Tesla.

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