Architecture: the American built a house out of plastic bottles, but the yard is not distinguished from the brick

Дом из использованных бутылок.

A house made of used bottles.

As a resident of South America there appeared a need for new housing, she decided to approach the issue non-standard way. The desire to reduce the cost of construction and to somehow contribute to the purification of the nature, it was his idea to build a new home out of ordinary plastic bottles.

Вместо кирпичей - бутылки.

Instead of bricks – bottles.

At the stage of deciding the future of the construction material, the woman thought that plastic bottles around is full of, and built a house with them, it will provide them with processing that will only benefit nature.

На возведение дома пошло несколько тысяч бутылок.

For the construction of the house has gone a few thousand bottles.

Before laying, each of the bottles filled with sand and then stacked them from the wall, fixing with cement mortar. For housing with several rooms had to use tens of thousands of different bottles. For interior walls the woman used not only plastic, but also glass bottles.

Пригодились и стеклянные бутылки.

Useful glass bottles.

Once the walls were ready and it was time for their warmth, in the course went sticks, which was pulling the bottle necks. In parallel with the main process in the house held all communications.

Хозяйка дома за штукатуркой стен.

The lady of the house with the plaster walls.

Так выглядел черновой вариант.

It looked like a rough draft.

On completion of construction of the house was plastered and painted. And when the house was finally built, people passing by could not distinguish the building from the neighbor’s houses, which were built in the classical manner.

Дом из бутылок сегодня трудно отличить от кирпичного.

House of bottles today are difficult to distinguish from the brick.

Декор стен бутылочного дома.

Wall decor bottle house.

And there on the planet a village where all the houses are built of plastic bottles. Here’s how to protect the world from plastic waste.

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