Architecture: As a resident of Belarus, rules his home with the tablet

Системы умный ом делают его экономичнее.

System smart om make it more economical.

In Belarus, on the outskirts of Minsk there is a very unusual house. His owner has made a phenomenal save the resources and can control all events in the home using the tablet. This miracle is the “smart house”.

Управление ведется с планшета.

The control is done from the tablet.

The owner of this unusual home has agreed to communicate to journalists and to tell about how things work in this “smart house”, which he raised and equipped his own hands. A huge number of RF sensors in every room, 12 solar panels, 2 solar collector, opportunity controls all functions of the home from your mobile device – here’s just a few that can boast housing.

Солнечные панели дают часть энергии.

Solar panels provide part of the energy.

First tablet with a special application owner can control the lighting and heat in rooms. Enough easy move your finger across the slider on the screen to change the temperature mode or the brightness of the light. What is important is that “smart” systems provide a detailed report on resource usage. It is easier to optimize, to monitor leaks and overruns.

В доме много датчиков и аппаратуры.

The house has a lot of sensors and equipment.

“Smart” home system allows you to configure the “scripts” for its different parts and elements. For example, if after sunset, the entrance door opened, then above it lights up the lamp. Day this doesn’t happen. The sensors can also independently regulate the lighting and heating based on a pre-defined rate.

Все сделано своими руками.

All made by hand.

There’s smart house and security systems. First, it is always possible to remotely check the condition of the Windows and doors of the home. Second, the enabling and disabling of alarm can be realized using the same tablet. In the case of hacking home computer will not only call the police, but will tell owners about the break.

Управляется и котельная.

Managed and boiler room.

With regard to financial effect, that the owner of the house showed all the specific examples. So, in the summer months can save about 50% of all consumed electricity. To say the same about the heat, unfortunately, is impossible. However, Vladimir admitted that he built this house not so much for economy, but for the sake of “motivation”. Says always loved high tech and always wanted to not just read about them, but also to experience in practice. Even his first computer he built yourself from parts purchased at radio.

Хозяин говорит об экономии.

The owner says about the economy.

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