Architecture: Maxi-comfort in a tiny apartment: How to sleep in 8 square metres

Трансформирующаяся мини-квартира площадью 8 квадратов.

Transforming a mini apartment with an area of 8 squares.

The issue of housing in some cities is very acute, and in attempts to acquire their own square meters, people sometimes go on creative solutions. One example of an unusual solution to the housing problem is a miniature apartment that was decorated in one of the rooms of the old house in Paris (France). The size of the mini apartment is only 8 m2, but even in such circumstances managed to achieve the functionality of the space.

Проект от дизайнеров студии Kikoto.

Project from the design Studio Kikoto.

Drafting worked for a French company Kikoto specializing in interior design. The most difficult, according to experts, was to work in such a confined space. But in the end, professionalism prevailed and managed to create a comfortable apartment-transformer for accommodation of one person.

Выдвижные ниши для самого нужного.

Retractable niche for the need.

Квартира, в которой продумано всё до мельчайших деталей.

The apartment in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

The whole point of the design is reduced to the use of closets and lots of niches. All household things are hidden behind the flat doors. Experts draw an analogy of the design of the flats with a Swiss army knife, it is compact and the same same functional.

Минималистичный дизайн парижской квартиры.

The minimalistic design of the Paris apartment.

Стол тоже выдвижной.

Table is also extendable.

Мини-квартира с макси-комфортом.

Mini apartment with Maxi comfort.

And continuing the theme more 5 cool ideas for organization of space that will be useful to all owners of apartments of the small area.

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