Drinks and food: 13 delicious and relatively unknown snack in pita bread, which are ideal for picnics

Закуски в лаваше, которые идеально подойдут для майских праздников.

Snack in pita bread, which are ideal for the may holidays.

Pita without a shadow of a hesitation called a universal product. Because to wrap up it can be almost any filling and still delicious. But words words, and a vivid example is still useful. These 13 delicious and unusual snacks in a pita, perfect for the first picnic in nature.

1. Fish rolls

Рыба в лаваше.

Fish in pita bread.

Brush the lavash with any soft cheese, lay slices of salted salmon, pink salmon or trout on top, sprinkle with herbs. Pita bread stuffed twist into a tight roll and put in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. Before serving, slice the roll into pieces the size of 5-6 inches and serve.

2. Hot pita bread with vegetables

Лаваш с овощами на мангале.

Pita bread with vegetables on the grill.

One sheet of lavash wrap 150-200 grams white cheese or feta, chopped tomato, crushed garlic clove and fresh herbs. Ready envelopes fry on the grill on both sides. The cheese will melt and get a delicious crunchy snack.

3. Home Shawarma

Шаурма с курицей.

Shawarma with chicken.

For home cooking Shawarma, you will need chicken breast, fried in breadcrumbs, lettuce leaves, strips of cheese and sauce to taste. All the ingredients, wrap in pita bread and gently reheat in the pan.

4. Chips

Чипсы из лаваша.

The pita chips.

Pita bread you can use for making delicious crispy chips. To do this, cut the pita bread into small triangles, dip each in a mixture of vegetable oil, your favorite spices and salt. Billet lay out on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 220 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

5. Sausages in pita bread

Сосиски с сыром в лаваше.

Sausages with cheese in pita bread.

Grease a sheet of pita with mayonnaise or any other sauce, put sausage, greens, a few strips of cheese and roll up in a roll and fry on the fire from two sides. As a result, you get a tasty and inexpensive snack for a picnic.

6. Rolls with sausage

Рулеты с колбасой и зеленью.

Rolls with sausage and greens.

Any sausage, cheese and herbs – the easiest option of toppings for the rolls of pita. Ready roll cut into pieces 4-5 inches and serve.

7. Rolls with cheese and mushrooms

Горячие рулеты с сыром и грибами.

Hot rolls with cheese and mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms marinate in soy sauce, and sauté on the grill. Fried mushrooms cut into strips, mix with sour cream, stir, wrap in pita bread and lightly fry on the fire.

8. Vegetable roll

Рулет с овощами.

Meatloaf with vegetables.

Vegetable roll will be a perfect appetizer for the meat table. For its preparation you will need carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and greens. Grind all the ingredients, mix with sour cream or mayonnaise and wrap in a pita.

9. Roll with crab sticks

Рулет с крабовыми палочками.

Roll with crab sticks.

The original and very satisfying spring rolls with crab sticks, cucumber, egg and lettuce. Place all ingredients on pita bread, brush with mayonnaise, roll into a loaf, allow to soak, and then cut into small pieces and serve.

10. Shawarma with beef

Шаурма с говядиной.

Shawarma with beef.

For the festive table, in addition to the usual barbecue, you can serve delicious home Shawarma with beef. To do so, first cut the meat into thin strips, marinate in spices, fry in pan or bake in the oven. Pita bread oil garlic sauce, add cheese, herbs, a few strips of cucumber and roll up in some sort of envelope.

11. Roll with seafood

Лаваш с морепродуктами.

Pita bread with seafood.

Seafood can also be wrapped in pita bread. For example, you can prepare a delicious filling of eggs, shrimp, leafy greens. Brush the pita bread with Tartar sauce, spread the filling and roll in roll.

12. Roll with greens

Рулет с сыром и зеленью.

Roll with cheese and herbs.

Need to cook something quickly. Use cheese and chopped greens. Grate cheese, mix with herbs, wrap in pita bread and fry in a pan, in the microwave or on the grill.

13. Appetizer with mushrooms and avocado

Лаваш с грибами и авокадо.

Pita bread with mushrooms and avocado.

Coarsely chopped mushrooms and fry in the pan, a little prisolit. Mash avocados, add finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Put the filling in pita bread, drizzle with lemon juice and wrap.

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