Healthy lifestyle: 10 ways to clean up “winter stores” waist without straining and even sitting

Убираем всё лишнее с талии весело и без напряга.

Remove all the excess from the waist fun and without tension.

The older you get, the faster time flies. The seasons follow each other at nearly the speed of light. Just get used to the daylight saving time as it is time to get out of the closet and shorts to go to sea. And if the figure is still in “hibernation”, it’s time to turn to the daily routine of these 10 classes. Nice, useful, and extra inches burns almost like going to the gym.

К лету нужно начинать готовиться ещё зимой.

To fly you need to start to prepare for another winter.

You want to quickly lead figure in readiness to fly? Then don’t deny yourself small pleasures 10 from this list. In conjunction with a healthy diet the result will not keep itself waiting long. Always nice to make sure to burn calories not only in the gym, right?

1. Dance

Активные танцы с сжигают калории и повышают уровень эндорфинов.

Active dancing burns calories and increases the levels of endorphins.

Turn on your favorite playlist or random music channel, the sound is louder and better remember their movement from school discos. No matter what podpisyvat: new hit for Eurovision, or Nikolai Baskov. The result depends solely on your efforts. Forty minutes in the active rhythm ways to burn 200 calories. Just wait until all the Pets will go. Otherwise you’ll have long to persuade them not to call the ambulance.

2. Massage

Массаж полезно не только получать, но и делать.

Massage is useful not only to receive but to do.

Many women know that massage is effective in a protracted war with cellulite and inches on the hips. But few people think that massage is also an excellent fiznagruzki. Professional massage therapists has estimated that over 42 minutes of active work to burn about 200 calories. So wait for a mate from work and go for business. You never know what other bonuses will get, in addition to losing weight?

3. Rearrange the furniture

Перестановка мебели – занятие энергозатратное.

Rearrange the furniture – the activity is energy consuming.

Two hundred calories is only 30 minutes of active rearrangement of furniture. Even if you just lift and put the Ottoman in place. But be careful: this form of exercise is addictive and a strong desire to make repairs.

4. Cleaning

Уборка вместо тренировки.

Cleaning is a workout.

When all the furniture found a new place, it’s time to restore cleanliness and order. To burn 200 calories, you will need one-hour service, which includes such “special discipline”: washing floors, wrestling with the dust and the relay with a pipe from a vacuum cleaner. And if to include music and combine harvesting with point number 1, no the gym is not necessary.

5. Bowling game

Боулинг - игра, которая совмещает сразу несколько видов физической активности.

Bowling – a game that combines several types of physical activity.

Careful aiming, balancing, lifting weights in the format of the ball and fighting passion is able to burn the effects of a hearty dinner in just an hour. And team spirit is very good.

6. Machine wash

Мытьё машины «вручную» сжигает калории и экономит деньги.

Machine wash manually burns calories and saves money.

Forget about the swanky car: get a bucket, large sponge and short shorts, like in the American movies. Even if you are a man. Only 40 minutes of active soaping “your baby” burn about 200 calories. But at the same time and save money. Maybe even the neighbors to wash?

7. Gardening

Дача вместо спортзала.

The country instead of the gym.

Cottage – better than the gym. And not just because of the “rocking” didn’t come with a box of juicy tomatoes. 15 minutes alone with the earth and the seedlings will burn about 77 calories, and a 25-minute weed control – as much as 127. Now you know exactly where to spend next weekend.

8. Board games

Работа извилинами тоже сжигает калории.

Work brain also burns calories.

Good news for all Connoisseurs and their sympathizers: not only “stupid” game with the ball able to burn calories. To move convolutions, there is also need of energy costs. And a lot: 2 hours spent at intellectual games, will make you 200 calories leaner and a little smarter. Oh, if also the muscles on the ass was bad…

9. Shopping

Приятное с полезным.

The pleasant with the useful.

The secret harmony of the wives of the oligarchs are revealed, and his name is shopping. American scientists have calculated that each potential fitting new clothes is about 11 calories. Now multiply by the number of cute things on hangers and forth to terrify the consultants in the fitting room!

10. Viewing comedies and musicals

Смех не только продлевает жизнь, но и делает живот более плоским.

Laughter not only prolongs life, but also makes the stomach more flat.

Yes, fans to lie on the couch on your day: burn calories can and sitting! But only on the condition that this time you sing or laugh loudly. Singing burns about 136 calories per hour and watch a 20 minute sitcom – 67. So put on the pants comfortable and select the Comedy funnier. Only pizza better not to order.

Ever seen a fat Japanese (or any Japanese)? Unlikely. And all because Japan is not the first generation knows the secret of how to quickly return to good form. What if in our latitudes would work?

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