Ideas for your home: How to grow tulips straight in a vase and always have the house lively bouquet

Выращиваем тюльпаны прямо в стеклянной вазе.

Directly grown tulips in a glass vase.

Who can say no to a bouquet of flowers for no reason? But gallant gift has a downside: any bouquet will soon fade. But the tale can be extended if you grow flowers yourself. And no unsightly pots: these handsome tulips will grow directly in a glass vase.

 Букет тюльпанов, который так просто не завянет.

A bouquet of tulips, which is not so easy to wither.

Like flowers? Then treat yourself and home with beautiful bouquets all year round. And no, no need to spend a fortune. Once is enough to plant the tulips according to this method, and they will bloom long and lush. A stylish vase will decorate any interior.

To paractice tulips in a vase, you will need:

1. A few large follicles;
2. High vase (for the purposes it is better to choose fully transparent);
3. Glass, silicone or “natural” (sea) stones.

Step 1

Выбирайте луковицы покрупнее.

Choose bulbs larger.

The lion’s share of success and the key to a beautiful bouquet is the right bulb. Buy only kupny of Tulip bulbs and avoid small. Be SURE to refrigerate them before planting, stand the time specified on the package. Usually it’s 12-15 weeks. This “sleepy” period future seedlings should be stored in the refrigerator for unheated balcony or in the garage.

Step 2

Камней ненужно много.

Stones junk lot.

When it came time to plant bulbs, take the stones and sprinkle them on the bottom of a clean vase. They should not be much: the bottom is not visible enough.

Step 3

Луковицы обязательно должны быть корешками вниз.

The bulbs have to be roots down.

On top, place the bulbs roots down.

Step 4

Камни зафиксируют луковицы.

The stones will lock bulbs.

Add a little more filler (rocks) to hold the bulbs in one position.

Step 5

Вода не должна касаться самих луковиц.

The water should not touch the bulbs themselves.

Add water. The level should reach the roots, but not to affect the bulbs.

Step 6

Немного тепла и терпения.

A little heat and patience.

Put a vase in a well lit warm place (but not direct sunlight) and wait. Soon the bulbs will Bud, and flowers and there is not long to wait. Importantly, do not forget from time to time to refill “drinking” water to the original level.

Ну разве не прелесть?

Well isn’t that sweet?

This bouquet will delight for a long time and will be a fresh addition to any interior.

С другими луковичными тоже сработает.

Other bulbs will work too.

And here you can learn 9 useful ideas of what to do with fading bouquets.

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