Ideas for your home: How to choose a computer chair, not to hurt the spine

Хорошее кресло – залог успешной работы.

A good chair is the key to successful work.

Proverb says: “a Good chair is the key to successful work”. What this truth applies not only to office option and the home. In today’s world almost everyone of us most of the time in a sitting position. Some of this is due to the profession, others with their studies, the third – with fun. But whatever it was, and to the choice of the chair should be approached carefully, because it primarily depends on our posture. And to avoid a large load on the spine, you should pay attention to some details and nuances.

1. What to look for when choosing a chair for work

Выбирайте стул, который обит гигроскопичной тканью – она будет легко впитывать влагу и даже после долгого сидения не станет липнуть к телу.

Choose a chair that is upholstered in fabric hygroscopic – it will easily absorb moisture even after long periods of sitting will not stick to the body.

First of all, the chair should have comfortable options, not restricting your movements and body position. The seat, backrest and armrests (if any) should be as comfortable and it seems to have to think about how better to sit in the chair to be comfortable. Definitely sit in it before buying.

Чтобы снизить напряжение в зоне плеч и шеи, выбирайте подстраиваемые по ширине и высоте подлокотники. О вашей шее позаботится удобный подголовник.

To reduce tension in the shoulders and neck, choose adjustable width and height armrests. Your neck will take care of a comfortable headrest.

To avoid discomfort during long sitting at the computer, check how adjustable the height and tilt of the movable part (backrest/headrest). This will help reduce the load on the spine. Just do not forget that when choosing a chair for a child/teenager, should take into account all the above nuances are much scrupulous and carefully.

В качественном ортопедическом кресле для сидения за компьютером боковые края имеют утолщения, чтобы человек не соскальзывал вперед.

Quality orthopaedic chair for sitting at the computer side edges are thickening that a person from slipping forward.

 Самое важное – выбрать удобное кресло, в котором вы сможете сидеть долго, не ощущая усталости.

The most important thing is to choose a comfortable chair where you can sit for a long time without feeling fatigue.

2. Computer chair in interior

Белые стильные компьютерные кресла.

Stylish white computer chair.

Классическое кожаное компьютерное кресло.

Classic leather computer chair.

Удобное и практичное компьютерное кресло.

Convenient and practical computer chair.

Стильные компьютерные кресла.

Stylish computer chair.

Manufacturers of computer chairs (chairs/stools) offer a huge choice and range of products from classic to ultra-modern. In any case, choosing a particular design, pay attention primarily on the quality of the proposal and after its appearance. Whether it be plastic, metal, wood, mesh, leather, fabric cover – everything has to be done at the highest level. Also, look at the fittings and seams, they must be repaired efficiently to a couple of months later you have not received a surprise in the form of arrows and abrasions at the seams.

Детский компьютерный стул.

Children’s computer chair.

Мягкое тряпичное компьютерное кресло.

Soft fabric computer chair.

As for the color palette, so it all depends on what your interior. If you are prone to bright colours and shades, feel free to choose creative and unusual design and colors products that will fit into your interior. For those who adhere to the classical style, is uniquely suited to the chairs (the chairs/stools) in the high-tech style and minimalism, they will harmoniously fit into your workspace without taking up much space.

3. The organization of the workplace

Современное рабочее место с небольшим рабочим стулом.

Modern workplace with a small work chair.

Правильно организованное рабочее место - залог долгой и плодотворной работы и здоровья.

Properly organized workplace – the guarantee of long and fruitful work and health.

Многие вместо стульев и кресел используют табуреты.

A instead of chairs use stools.

Современный рабочий стул.

Modern Desk chair.

Стул в стиле хай-тек.

Chair in the style of hi-tech.

Кресло с сетчатой спинкой.

Chair with mesh backrest.

The organization of the workplace – something to do in the modern world. And the better and better it will be, the more comfortable you will feel while working. If you decide to arrange your workspace at home, the first thing you should pay attention to the location of table and light source (daylight is one of the best options, but the light from the window should not be hit in the eye and illuminates the monitor). If we are talking about additional lighting in the form of a table lamp or a lamp, choose soft warm light.

Компактный пластмассовый стул для работы.

Compact plastic chair for work.



As for the Desk and chair, everything is very clear. The furniture should be compact, multifunctional, practical, and most importantly comfortable. Leave a small space for a chair so that it could freely move at any moment or to roll out of the way. For those who don’t like rolling chairs, manufacturers offer a huge range of mini-chairs/chairs with legs that your work area will look stylish and cozy.

Since computer chairs sorted out, let’s now talk about choosing a sofa. Before taking any decision, listen to professional advices that will help determine not only the choice and to save time, save from rash and hastily taken decisions.

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