Ideas for your home: Mother took children broken plates and turned into the thing, which now boasts a whole family

«Бей посуду, я плачу!»

“Smashing, I’m crying!”

Oh, there were times when service was considered the best gift. After the holiday it was solemnly put in a cupboard and tried on the extra reason not to touch: and suddenly broken? Days are gone, but the sets remained. And if you still managed to break a few saucers or cups is not a reason to be sad. Better to follow the example of one skilled moms and turn the pieces into a masterpiece the envy of all.

Не стоит жалеть разбитую посуду. У неё еще есть большой потенциал.

Do not feel sorry for the broken dishes. She still has a lot of potential.

Remember how in the fairy tale “the snow Queen” Kai had to put the shards of ice a word “eternity”? About the ice do not know, but from the shards of broken plates will certainly add up a whole alphabet, though… a new Desk. For example, the heroine of this review updates the boring furniture with mosaics of broken dishes. And it’s so cool and want to go to the kitchen and break some dishes there!

To decorate furniture with mosaic, you will need:

1. Unnecessary utensils with beautiful patterns or its fragments;
2. Primer and large brush or sponge;
3. Double sided tape or film adhesive;
4. Hammer;
5. Stationery knife;
6. Old t-shirt

Можно «побить» тарелки, как эксперт.

It is possible to “beat” cymbals like an expert.

To start, we need scenic pieces of tableware. Masters of the mosaic case for these purposes, use pliers or a special blade, which cut the porcelain.

А можно просто вооружиться молотком.

And you can just arm yourself with a hammer.

But you can not really bother to follow the example of the heroine of this review: put the plate in an old t-shirt, some wrap and hit with a hammer. Rough, but it works well.

Плёнка-самоклейка вместо клея.

Film adhesive instead of glue.

Now is the time to prepare the countertop or other piece of furniture that you are going to transform. The easiest way to do this: trim a sheet of “adhesive” to the desired size and shape.

Лучше сделать трафарет маркером, чтобы точно не промахнуться.

Better to make a stencil with a marker so you’ll never miss.

“Adhesive” may not itself, but glued. Now we need a marker to draw a pattern, which soon turns into a gorgeous mosaic.

Срезайте только защитную плёнку, не затрагивая клеевую основу.

Cut only the protective film without affecting the adhesive base.

With a utility knife carefully (along the contour) cut away the top film with “adhesive”. Not all at once: treat small fragment at a time.

Заполняйте фрагмент осколками.

Fill in a fragment of shrapnel.

Now on the freed sticky part lay out the pieces.

Снимаем кусочек плёнки…

Remove the piece of film…

…и выкладываем на липкую часть осколки.

…and put it on the sticky part of the pieces.

Continue in the same spirit until the complete mosaic of the entire surface.

Грунтовкой заполните все пробелы между осколками.

Primer will fill in all the gaps between the fragments.

Now treat the surface with primer, thoroughly rubbing it into all the gaps and cracks between the fragments.

Уберите остатки грунтовки с поверхности.

Remove residual primer from the surface.

All excess primer from the surface, remove with a wet sponge, frequently soaking it in warm water.

И не скажешь, что это - старые тарелки.

And not to say that it is an old dish.

When the primer dries, you will see just such a beauty. As you can see, the author of the the user chose a bright graphic design. But nothing limits your imagination.

Мозаика из популярного типа тарелок с розами.

A mosaic of popular style dishes with roses.

You can make a table in the style of “Provence”…

Ещё пышнее!

Even more magnificent!


Белый и синий всегда хорошо смотрятся в паре.

White and blue always look good in a pair.

…”almost a month”…

Мозаикой можно украсить любой предмет мебели или декора.

The mosaic can decorate any piece of furniture or decor.

…but at least the chair! The main thing is to stock up on plates in the right way.

And then you can see how other hand the young lady the find in the garage of the husband was turned into a stylish designer chair for 2000 euros.

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