Ideas for your home: Not just for the bathroom: 6 great ideas on home design with the use of ceramic tiles

6 великолепных идей домашнего дизайна с применением керамической плитки.

6 great ideas on home design with the use of ceramic tiles.

Tile vast majority of people use, usually only in the bathroom or in the kitchen. And few people realize that by using tiles you can create a cool interior living room or even bedroom. In this review, the story about the possibilities of tiles and interior design ideas that you can use in your home.

1. Marble miracles
Камин в интерьере без плитки не обходится.

A fireplace in the interior without the tiles is not complete.

Old fireplace in good condition by itself looks exquisite. But why not emphasize it with a beautiful stone finish. This example was chosen thin rectangular 30-inch marble tiles to finish the fireplace in a circle.

Идеальная плитка для камина.

An ideal tile for a fireplace.

To do such is quite simple – you need to measure the area where you will install the tile, cut the tile so that it fits in it’s place, and then attach it to the fireplace. White Carrara marble, dark grey hearth and fireplace – all combined perfectly.

2. Stylish clay
Дерево? Нет, плитка!

Tree? No, the tile!

Tiles of baked clay is durable and shiny, and it is suitable for finishing floors in the bathrooms and hallways. The style of faux bois, which imitates real wood is the high performance alternative to conventional flooring.

Плитка как альтернатива паркету.

Tiles as an alternative to the parquet.

Using a normal cloth or sponge it is very easy to wash any dirt. To lay clay floor tiles can be “tree”, in the form of a traditional hardwood floor or horizontal rows, which helps create the illusion of space in small or narrow rooms.

3. Eternal Terrazzo
Мозаика в стиле Терраццо.

Mosaic-style Terrazzo.

Mosaic floor in the style of “Venetian terrazzo” is created by adding to the cement dust (both small and large) marble, glass, granite or quartz. Paul terrazo almost impossible to damage and it is not painted, not chipped and not wiped off. In addition, machine polishing can make even the perennial surface look new. What is most interesting, there are hundreds of different types of such decoration.

Пол в стиле Терраццо.

The floor in the style of Terrazzo.

To emphasize the floor in the style of terrazzo can be the walls and cabinets “stripes” of tiles. Of course, it is necessary to choose a tone, preferring soft by panteleevym colors.

4. The metro style
Утилитарная керамика.

Utilitarian ceramics.

As the the public transport system, this utilitarian ceramic surface like very much.

Стиль метро на кухне.

The metro style in the kitchen.

Neat rows of white rectangles lend a Victorian sensibility of this bath, when used in combination with classical marble tops and brass trim.

5. Luxury leather
Плитка как кожа.

Tiles like leather.

These soft to the touch and surprisingly versatile squares are made from smooth suede, PU, etc leather. Such “tiles” made of cowhide with a thickness of 3 mm, which in this example was decorated bedroom, you can also cover, for example, a Desk or the floor in the dressing room.

Когда плитка выглядит как дорогая кожа.

When the tile looks like expensive leather.

First you need to apply them on a substrate (e.g., plywood), and then to the surface to be coated.

6. Glass
Стеклянная роскошь.

Glass luxury.

Many variations of color and Shine makes glass tile perfect for creating a monochromatic fashion installations.

Стеклянная плитка.

The glass tile.

And although the glass surface may sound fragile, it pretty solid: small tiles are less likely to collapse than a large solid sheet of glass.

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