Ideas for your home: 17 awesome examples of turning old junk into memorable decor items

Классные примеры переделки ненужных вещей.

Cool examples of alterations in unnecessary things.

You can bet that almost everyone in the house there is old stuff, throw that all in any way hands do not reach. Indeed, to be in a hurry this is not necessary. But make junk something healthy will not prevent.

1. Aquarium

Аквариум в старом телевизоре.

The aquarium in the old TV.

In modern apartments, residents won’t see old TV type “ruby” or “Birches”. However, if your pantry still have that, place it in the frame of a conventional aquarium. As a result, you will get the original aquarium in retro style, which will be a significant part of any interior.

2. Shelf stealth

Минималистичные полки из книг.

Minimalistic shelves of books.

There is a literature that you are unlikely to reread, and the books themselves throw a pity. Such books can be used to create original decorative shelves. For this you will need the brackets need to attach to the wall, and put books. The resulting shelf stealth can be used to store stacks of books and decorative items.

3. Chandelier made of hats

Люстры из головных уборов.

Chandelier of hats.

Instead of just throw old fashion hats, use them to create spectacular ceiling lamps. Unusual chandeliers will not only be functional parts of the space, but also its decorations.

4. Watch

Часы из велосипедного колеса.

Hours of a Bicycle wheel.

The junk wheel of the bike can be a unique dial for the original wall clock in the style of steampunk. A new clock will perfectly fit into the interior of teen room or any other room decorated in Scandinavian or industrial style.

5. Decor item

Декор гитары.

The decor of the guitar.

If you have a guitar where no one is playing, turn it into a stunning decor item. For this, the surface should be decorated with shards of unnecessary CDs. Transformed the guitar you can use for decor of one of the free walls of the room.

6. Magnets

Магниты из крышек.

The magnets of the covers.

The metal cap from glass beverage bottles, can be used to create original magnets. These magnets will adorn the facade of the fridge and dilute the bored picture Souvenirs of travel.

7. Cradle

Колыбель из бочки.

The cradle of the barrel.

If you happen to get a massive wooden barrels, make her charming baby’s crib that will perfectly fit the interior of a country house or Villa.

8. Pincushion

Игольница из крышки.

Pincushion from the cover.

Another way to use the metal cap to turn it into a neat little pincushion.

9. Lamp

Светильник из чашек.

Lamp cups.

If you have accumulated a decent amount of cups with chips and cracks, do not rush to send them to the trash. Similar dishes can be used to create unusual and very pretty lamp that will be a spectacular highlight of the housing and the envy of your guests.

10. Hooks

Крючки из ложечек.

Hooks from spoons.

Metal spoons, forks and even wrenches can be used to create all sorts of hooks and holders. For example, attached to the wall spoon is perfect for storing threads, needles, pins, barrettes and jewelry.

11. Stand

Тумба из чемодана.

Stand out of a suitcase.

Stylish Cabinet, the main feature of which was an old vintage suitcase is a perfect example of alternative use of unnecessary things.

12. The bed for pet

Лежанка для питомца.

The bed for pet.

Even the best quality stuff will eventually wear out or simply go out of fashion. Next time, instead of just tossing your old sweater, make him a cozy bed for a pet.

13. Shelves

Книжные полки из скейтов.

Bookshelf from skate.

Stylish and practical shelves made from two skateboards, harmoniously fit into the modern interior of a bedroom or teen room.

14. Ottomans

Пуфики из барабанов стиральной машины.

Ottomans of the drum washing machine.

Planning to replace your old washing machine to the new? Then you should know that from the old drums work amazing designer Ottomans. To create them you will need only tank with bright paint, foam and fabric.

15. Candles

Свечи в жестяных баночках.

Candles in tin jars.

Beautiful tins can be easily turned into the original interior of the candle. The interior of the candle with such an exclusive design, undoubtedly, will decorate the interior and bring home a touch of warmth and comfort.

16. Rack

Стеллаж из рояля.

The rack of the piano.

Base unnecessary piano ideal for creating a big wall rack. This redesign will help to free up space in the room and will be a great decoration of the room.

17. Organizers

Органайзеры из бутылочек.

The organizers of the bottle.

Plastic bottles of shampoos and shower gels you can use to create bright organizers for stationery.

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