Ideas for your home: 17 proven ideas that will help to increase the possibility of a small garden

Крутые идеи для небольшого загородного участка.

Cool ideas for small suburban area.

For many suburban area is a real escape. After all, it’s also good for the body and soul. The brighter and prettier the site, the more owners there. Today we’ve collected 17 ideas that will help transform and increase the capabilities of even a small garden.

1. Vertical screen

Вертикальный экран для горшков.

Vertical screen for pots.

Narrow vertical screen of metal bars and a piece of plywood with attached flower pots will decorate the porch, gazebo or summer patio.

2. Floral table

Цветущий столик.

Blooming table.

A simple wooden table, which tabletop is a small container with fresh flowers and greenery, and bottom shelf for garden tools and fertilizers. This design is ideal for growing herbs or small flowers.

3. Green fence

Живая изгородь в саду.

The hedges in the garden.

Using mesh-netting and climbing plants, you can create in your garden a stunning hedge, which will be the spectacular decoration of the flower garden or patio.

4. Shutters for decor

Альтернативное использование ставней.

Alternative use of shutters.

Wooden shutters are suitable not only for Windows but also for decoration. Attach them to the wall of the gazebo and sit between the rails succulents. The finished decoration will transform a faceless wall and will be a real highlight of the room.

5. Unusual rack

Стеллаж из лестницы.

Rack out of a ladder.

If your area seems pitifully small, for the cultivation of crops use not only the earth but also the vertical space. For example, an old wooden ladder can be turned into the original rack. Put on its shelves a variety of containers and use them for growing small plants.

6. Chest

Цветущий комод.

Blooming chest.

An old dresser can become a practical part of the garden landscape. Paint it a bright cheerful color, pour the earth into the boxes and plant seeds of flowers or herbs. Updated dresser will be an extraordinary decoration of porch or gazebo.

7. Strawberry bed

Клубничная грядка в коробе из поддонов.

Strawberry bed in the box from pallets.

Strawberry bed, organized in the box of the construction of pallets are good quality will help to save fine in the garden plot area. In addition, caring for a garden is much easier than usual.

8. Window decor

Горшочки на подоконнике.

Pots on the windowsill.

Bright blooming window sills will be able to spice up even the most plain old frame. All you need is a broad wooden planks and flower pots. Attach the strap outside the house under the Windows, make some holes and insert the pots. This idea allows to acquire a small flower garden in a small area.

9. Hanging bed

Подвесная грядка из профилей.

Hanging bed frame.

Metal profiles can get the original narrow beds for growing flowers and herbs. To implement this idea, the profiles should be attached to the fence, covered with soil and plant the desired plants.

10. Separate beds

Аккуратные отдельные грядки.

Neat private garden.

The construction of high warm beds is a great solution for those who want to get maximum yield without too much effort. Then the garden will look neat and well-tended, and the plants will feel comfortable inside the group.

11. The beds in the pipes

Подвесной сад в ПВХ-трубах.

Hanging garden in the PVC pipes.

Hanging garden in the PVC pipes of large diameter, will be ergonomic and very original solution for a small garden. In addition, this design will be eye-catching decorative detail for a suburban area.

12. Stone walkways

Минималистичные дорожки из камней.

Minimalistic track from the stones.

Garden paths made of concrete are durable, but take up too much space. For modest plots of land more suitable minimalist paths of river pebbles, arranged in neat circles.

13. Flower bed in a stump

Узкий цветник в сухом пне.

A narrow bed in a dry stump.

Not enough land to generate even a modest flower garden? Organize a narrow bed in a dry tree trunk. Prepared flower bed will not take up much space, it can be put near the house or the fence in the backyard.

14. The fence

Ограждение грядок.

The fence garden beds.

To the flower beds and the garden looked prettier and neater, protect them with a border of wooden bars of different heights.

15. Stylish patio

Стильное патио из поддонов.

Stylish patio from pallets.

Using construction pallets, you can build a stylish patio in his back yard. The size you choose depending on the size and the number of pallets that you have. Ready pad, paint in bright colors, under some pallets plant plants and put simple furnishings.

16. Pots with lights

Цветочные горшки с подсветкой.

Flower pots with light.

A stunning garden ornament that can be drawn from two pots of different sizes, glass jars and candles. A larger pot needs to be filled with earth around the edges to plant color, and in the center put a smaller pot. It should also pour a little bit of land, well compacted and put the flask with the candle. The finished product can be placed along the garden paths, gazebo or backyard.

17. Support

Опора для вьюнов.

Support for loaches.

The original support for climbing plants, which can make from a few shovels, rakes or hoes, fastened together with wooden dostochek.

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