Ideas for your home: 4 simple tips how to restore order and comfort in the hallway

4 простых совета, как навести порядок и уют в прихожей.

4 simple tips how to restore order and comfort in the hallway.

The first impression always means a lot. What would not be discussed. And the apartment is no exception. And because it starts flat with hall, it is the impression about care and stewardship of the owners. In this review the 4 simple rules that should be followed so that the hallway does not become cluttered in the branch storage.

Even the small space to do functional and attractive. The functionality depends on a person’s lifestyle: for example, you need to consider whether there are children at home, is the room more public and visited or it is used rarely and on occasion how often people walk through this room etc. it is Important to define your style and choose the interior elements that complement it, not much standing out. In the case of a large hallway, you can be more “frivolous”, but if space is extremely limited, but this possibility does not, you need to carefully choose each item.

1. Lighting
Освещение - главная фишка прихожей.

Lighting – the main feature of the hallway.

One of the easiest ways to make a stylish entrance hall is to configure lighting in it. For example, you can make the lighting level variable to always use the light that matches the mood.

В прихожей всё хорошо - от классики до модерна.

In the hallway, all is well – from classic to modern.

Also it should be bold when choosing a lamp. We should not forget the fact that if you place a lamp at the ceiling, he will not “conceal” the space in the hallway.

2. Mirror
Зеркало способно изменить любое помещение.

The mirror is able to change any room.

The mirror is able to exert influence on the hall (and almost any other room) both aesthetically and functionally.

Большое зеркало в прихожей - яркая деталь.

A large mirror in the hallway – bright detail.

Although, of course, in the hallway often want to lean a hand on the wall, but the mirror is to use at least for the reason that they reflect light, visually increasing the space.

3. A sofa or Seating area
Такие разные диваны для прихожей.

These different sofas for the hallway.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with a small space is that it always seems cluttered. The sofa is a multi-functional item – it not only provides Seating but can also serve as a great storage space (we are talking about a special furniture for hallways).

4. Hooks or a clothes rack
Режение для поклонников ретростиля.

The ahead of for fans of retro-style.

If the hall is there is no wardrobe, hooks or a clothes hanger are a good alternative for temporary storage. There is one rule: you have to hang in the hallway only the most necessary things, so as not to create unnecessary cluttering.

Если хочется чего-то креативного.

If you want something creative.

Hooks come in different shapes and sizes, so you should choose those that reflect the individual and unique style.

In addition to the already mentionedpractical ideas and tips on arrangement of large and small hallways. They will be useful to all.

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