Ideas for your home: 7 colors for home interior and psychological effects that they have

Выбираем правильные цвета для интерьера.

Choosing the right color for the interior.

Today, you can find a lot of advice about which colors to use for the interior of your home: walls, furniture, textiles. But few people think about the psychological effect that will have on human the different colors in the interior. In this review, the story of how to use colors in your house so they are beneficial to all households.

In fact, color is a universal and non-verbal language, which is able to trigger different emotions and behavior, as well as make your home space attractive or not very pleasant. Using different colors as the main, you can easily create a certain mood and atmosphere. Lighter shades of calm, bright colors bring a cheerful and lively feel, while dark colors give depth to the decor.


Red is very energetic, it brings people together and encourages communication. It would be a great color for a living room or hallway, although well suited for bedrooms, because it people are mostly in the dark when the lights are low. Many people like to use red trim in the bedroom, as it adds passion. You need to avoid this color in kitchens and dining rooms if people watching their weight because it has been proven that the color red in the kitchen leads to the fact that people eat more. Although, it is worth noting that for Banquet halls and cafes, the red fits well, since it makes food seem tastier.

Red suitable for hallway, as he leaves a vivid impression of the interior.

Яркая прихожая создаёт позитивное настроение гостям и хозяевам.

Bright entrance hall creates a positive mood for the guests and the hosts.

It is an energetic color that brings people together. Therefore, red is what you need for accommodations when meeting new people.

Красный - цвет деятельных и энергичных людей.

Red – the color of active and energetic people.

Similar deep red shades for living room amazing – they look bold and progressive, and well suited for any season.

Горячие цвета для любого сезона.

Hot colors for any season.

The red bedroom is quite a radical solution. But it is necessary to apply this color in the bedroom if people are only at night.

Красный - цвет страсти.

Red – the color of passion.

The red bedroom is a very passionate place, she looks very sexy.

Красный хорош и на кухне.

Red is good in the kitchen.

Red color good for the kitchen, but it is necessary to dilute it with white for contrast or even avoid it, if you want to lose weight.

Красный - цвет праздника.

Red is the color of celebration.

Dining room in red tones is a good decision, especially if it often come to visit.


This color reminds the sun and adds a fun touch to the room. This is a great choice for the kitchen, dining room and bathroom, where it will raise mood as well as visually enlarge the space. Yellow perfect for any room that lacks sunlight. However, this is not a good color for the nursery because it was noticed that children are more likely to cry in yellow rooms.

Жёлтый по праву можно назвать кухонным цветом.

Yellow can rightly be called a kitchen color.

Yellow is great for kitchens because it is bright and vibrant, and creates a sense of sunlight.

Жёлтая столовая - комната хорошего настроения.

Yellow dining – room of good mood.

Yellow color is great for dining areas for the same reasons as for kitchens.

Цвет тёплого интерьера - это желтый.

The warm color of interior is yellow.

Yellow visually expands a small space, “fueling” them, and great for a small bathroom.

Когда дом полон солнечного света.

When the house is full of sunlight.

Yellow hallway seems to be filled with sunlight and looks bright.


Blue – soothing and relaxing color, so it is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. If a person wants to relax, he should prefer colder shades of blue, and in order to encourage networking, you need to choose warm colors for furniture and fabrics. Avoid dark shades of blue as they bring a sense of sadness, or just add bold touches to the interior in small quantities.

Синий - идеальный цвет для спальни.

Blue is the perfect color for the bedroom.

Pastel shades of blue are perfect for bedrooms because they provide a soothing effect and help relax.

Такого цвета комфорт.

This color comfort.

Calm light blue great for a bathroom. It provides comfort and this is what you need in the bathroom.

Осторожно с синим - можно загрустить!

Caution with blue – sad!

Too much dark blue can evoke sadness, so you need to be careful.

Добавляем к синему тёплые цвета.

Added to a warm blue color.

When using cold and dark blue shades is to dilute them more warm colors to create harmony.


It’s a refreshing color, which is considered the most restful color for the eye. It has both the soothing qualities of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow color, so it can be used literally everywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms. In addition, green relieves stress, so it should be chosen as the main color and the color concentration, so it is great for home office.

Зелёный - это природа.

Green is nature.

Green is relaxing and reminiscent of nature, so he’s perfect for the bathroom.

Зелёные тона идеальны для релакса.

Green tones perfect for relaxation.

It’s a very relaxing color, especially in muted shades, so it can be used for bedroom.

Зелёный с золотом для ценителей классики.

Green and gold for connoisseurs of the classics.

Emerald is a great shade of green. If you apply it with “patches” of gold that would be a great idea for a gourmet.

Цвет расположения и положительных эмоций.

The color of the location and positive emotions.

Dark green hallway it will give the impression of friendliness and welcome.


Purple and its shades shades in trend this year, and if someone is going to follow new fashion, then he should know that dark shades of purple are dramatic and should be used only as a secondary to bring the depth, otherwise it will create a melancholic look. Lighter shades (such as purple) bring a sense of peace in the room, so you can use them for the bedroom.

Уютная альтернатива холодному синему.

A comfortable alternative to the cold blue.

Lilac bedroom relaxing, and it is not as cold as blue.

Сиреневая ванная - полный релакс.

Purple bathroom – full relax.

You can achieve a relaxing and soothing feeling in your bathroom, having painted the walls in lilac.

Тёмный фиолет тоже хорош.

Dark violet is also good.

If you want to use a dark purple, I should add something shiny and bright for harmony.

Светлые оттенки для поднятия настроения.

Bright colors to set the mood.

If you need to achieve calmness and relaxation, need to use lighter shades of purple.


Orange – another superintelligence a color that causes excitement and it is great for the gym. You need to avoid it in living rooms or bedrooms, because it can be too energetic for such rooms, especially for bedrooms. If a person loves this color, why not make the orange shower. It will help him to Wake up.

Оранжевое настроение на весь день.

Orange mood for the whole day.

Bright orange color is perfect for the gym, as this color is very energetic and bright.

И каждое утро будет энергичным.

And every morning will be energetic.

If someone wants hints of fun and energy, you can use orange in the bathroom, to quickly Wake up.

Оранжевая комната - самый уютный уголок в доме.

Orange room – the most comfortable area in the house.

You should be careful with this color as it is very bright, but such a “cheerful and colorful corners” you can create around the house.

Neutral colors

Black, grey, white and brown are basic for any room: they are flexible and can be combined with many other colors. These neutral colors can become more vibrant, if you combine them with bright colors or more calm in combination with pastels. Black is great for creating accents and decorations add a “depth” of the interior.

Непреходящая классика интерьерного жанра.

Timeless interior design classic of the genre.

Grey never goes out of fashion. You can choose the shade that you like, and combine it with “fun” colors.

Нейтральные оттенки как временное решение.

The neutral shades as a temporary solution.

Decor is in neutral shades – a timeless decision, it is always in the trend.

Если очень хочется чёрного.

If you really want black.

If you want to use in the interior of a black color, add colorful and bright touches to liven up the space.

Красное и чёрное - интерьер для утончённых особ.

The red and black interior for sophisticated people.

You can use black color as a second color to add depth to the interior and make it more refined.

The color of course, means a lot in the interior, but there are other secrets. For example, how to transform your old kitchen for a week, having a modest budget.

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