Life hack: Why experienced tourists hiding toilet paper in a tin can, and How it will help out in an emergency situation

Бумага в жестяной банке – зачем?

Paper in a tin – why?

If import, then it is complete and in all spheres. Even on legal holidays. And who needs Turkey and Egypt, when in their native latitudes are so many unexplored places, though the expedition fit? Moreover, experienced travelers, any trip will turn into an Adventure, and then another, and will generously share tips with beginners. For example, why “hide” the toilet paper in a tin can. But this trick can save in extreme emergency situations.

Planned hike? Then in the process of collection of backpack would be good to throw in a roll of toilet paper and a can of stew. Sooner or later, the stew will be destroyed, but a tin can is better to spare not to throw it away. And the paper also podkormit. Because of these two “ingredients” you can do a thing, which sooner or later will be useful to every tourist – portable burner.

Отрежьте дно и горлышко жестянки.

Cut the bottom and the neck of the canister.

The cans, cut the top and bottom so that there is one hollow tube.





With scissors or knife, make vertical cuts along the diameter of one of the sides of the tin. The edges of the cuts, fold inward, as in the photo.

Половина дела сделана.

Half the work done.

That’s what happened.

Бумага в жестяной банке.

Paper in a tin.

Put the tin on the rocks (cuts down), and inside put the paper.

Нужно добавить легковоспламеняющеюся жидкость.

You need to add the flammable liquid.

Cover paper any flammable liquid: alcohol, vodka, gasoline, gas station lighter. The main thing that all layers got soaked and soaked.

Осталось поджечь…

Left to burn…

…и начинать готовку.

…and start cooking.

Now you can light a fire and cook dinner. “Field kitchen” will help to save time and not to stay hungry, even in the campaign lightly. Importantly, do not forget to take a little bit of fuel.

And all lovers of tourism can not hurt to know how to make compact firewood, which is not afraid neither rain, nor slush.

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