Life hack: the French made the vacuum from the hair dryer, using only one additional detail

Из простого фена – в пылесос.

From a simple dryer – a vacuum cleaner.

What for some is a necessity, for others, only occupy too much space dust. Sometimes in the literal sense. For example, some apartments are so compact that even identifying the angle for a cleaner is a luxury. Sound familiar? Then the scheme of “magical transformation” of conventional dryers mini cleaner will surely be the way! And you will need only one additional detail.

Кода дома есть место только для фена, но не для пылесоса.

Code houses only have room for the Hairdryer, but not for cleaner.

“Harp no, take tambourine” – a quote from the legendary film by Leonid Bykov is the best demonstration of the ingenuity of some people. For example, one simple girl from France. In her tiny apartment, there was never a place for a vacuum cleaner. But after the Frenchwoman spilled the rice and hardship to extract grains from the furniture, the girl took and she made the vacuum cleaner…from a hair dryer. Here’s how she did it.

Всё, что понадобится.

All that is required.

You will need:

1. Hairdryer;
2. Plastic bottle with lid (one and a half liters will be enough);
3. Lighter;
4. Pencil;
5. Forceps or pliers.

Для начала нужно подплавить пластиковую крышку.

First you need podpravit plastic cover.

The girl took the plastic cover and hold it with pliers, began to warm up the bottom of the lid over the fire lighters. The goal is to melt the plastic.

Вставляйте карандаш…

Insert the pencil…

…и продавливайте.

…and prodavlivaet.

When the plastic was soft enough, the girl took a pencil and gently press it exactly in the middle.

Должна получиться вот такая «пипетка».

Should get here is a “dropper”.

When after a few seconds the author removed the pencil from the cover, and in her hands was that such a “pipette”.

Нужно срезать кончик.

You need to cut the tip.

Office knife the girl cut the tip of the “pipettes”.

Готовая насадка.

Ready nozzle.

That was the end.

Отрежьте у бутылку половинку с горлышком.

Cut the bottle half bottle.

But that’s not all. Plastic bottle itself is also useful. Here it is only necessary to cut it in half.

Вот так ровнее.

So smoother.

And mate with the neck of a bit processing: trim ragged plastic, heated them over the fire lighters.

Понадобится решётка от фена.

You will need the grill from a hair dryer.

Then she removed the vent from my dryer…

Приматывайте решётку полой стороной вовнутрь.

Establish a lattice of hollow inward.

… and taped it to the plastic bottle. Do not worry, this beauty is easy to remove and return to its rightful place.

Соединяем все части.

Connect all the parts.

Left to tie the lid with a nozzle…

«Пылесос» готов.

“Vacuum” is ready.

…and attach the whole thing to the back of the dryer, where is the grille.

In the cleaning process.

Ready device the girl immediately tried in the case.

Ничего не потеряется и не забьётся.

Nothing will be lost and not clogged.

Hairdryer-vacuum cleaner copes with debris even in hard to reach places. After the whole “catch” can be easily removed from a plastic nozzle. And the very tip off and postponed until better times.

More details on the video above. And don’t forget to learn 10 practical everyday ways to use a hair dryer not on purpose.

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