Lifehack: 14 effective schemes that will help compact to pack and unload the cabinets

Инструкции, которые научат складывать одежду как профи.

Instructions that will teach you to fold like a Pro.

Probably every woman at least once faced with the problem entitled “in the Cabinet to push nevpihuemoe”. A lot of things, and space is tight. But this is not a problem of universal scale, if you know how to fold skirts-handkerchiefs. 14 effective these schemes will really help compact to pack and unload the cabinets.

1. Women’s underwear

Компактно сложить женские трусы.

Compactly folded women’s underwear.

Use this guide instead of folding the pants in a pile, and then dig up the entire mountain in search of the right. Literally three moves and underwear turn into neat envelopes that can be folded in a special organizer or a small box.

2. Socks

Скручивание носков.

The twist of the socks.

To socks not “spread” around the locker and were always kept in pairs and roll them into small rolls.

3. Shirt

Красиво сложить рубашку.

Nicely folded shirt.

Shirts do not have to be stored on hangers. Beautifully fold them flat in a pile, using a regular journal. Eventually, when you get the hand, your wardrobe will be like on the shelf of an expensive shop.

4. Sports bras and tops

Как сложить спортивный топ.

How to fold a sports top.

So the next time don’t waste time shifting every thing in search of a sports top, fold it by the above instructions and keep with the other underwear.

5. Men’s briefs

Хранение мужских трусов.

Storage of men’s underwear.

Men’s pants are a little more feminine, and accordingly occupy more space in the closet. Their best to twist into small rolls, place which one of the sliding walls of the cupboard.

6. Jeans

Компактное хранение джинсов.

Compact storage jeans.

Most people keep the pants in expanded form a small horizontal stacks. However, if you combine them with the above instructions, will free up half a shelf.

7. Sweaters

Кофты и свитера на вешалках.

Jackets and sweaters on hangers.

Many people are afraid to hang sweaters and jackets on a hanger, for fear that the products will stretch and lose shape. However, if you wrap a jacket around the hanger as shown in the picture, can keep the shape of the product, and securely fix it on a hanger.

8. Towels

Махровые полотенца.

Terry towels.

Terry towels are quite bulky and occupy much space in the closet. However, they can be folded up pretty compact stacks to fit all, still a place left.

9. Bed sheets with elastic band

Аккуратно сложить простынь с резинкой.

Neatly folded bed sheets with elastic.

Many Housewives think gently fold such sheets is impossible. But really, you just need to properly tuck the elastic, and then roll the product as conventional sheets.

10. Large pillow case

Большая наволочка на маленькой подушке.

Large pillowcase on a small pillow.

If the pillow case was more than the cushion, do not worry. A few skilful movements allow to “fit” it to the desired size.

11. Packages

Хранение пакетов.

Storing packages.

A good housewife every thing neatly folded up and has its place, even if we are talking about the regular packages. To plastic bags occupied a minimum of space, turn them into tiny triangles according to the diagram shown in the pictures.

12. Bodykit

Детские боди.

A baby body.

A note to parents, there is a clever way to store children’s bodies, which would be mastered by anyone. Tight rolls will perfectly fit even in a small pull-out cupboard.

13. T-shirt

Фотоинструкция по сворачиванию футболки.

Fotostrecke for folding t-shirts.

A clever way, which allows compact and nicely folded t-shirts and prevent the appearance of creases and folds.

14. Hanger

Выбор и использование вешалок.

The selection and use of hangers.

If your Cabinet is not too big and wear it barely fits, it makes sense to replace all wooden hangers on thin rubberized options. In addition, if the closet is high enough, bind hangers together to maximize the use of vertical space. With these simple tips you will be able to release about 20-30 centimeters in the closet.

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