Lifehack: 14 ways how posh to present a cash gift to grab yourself the best piece of cake

Крутые идеи того, как оригинально упаковать деньги на подарок.

Cool idea, how original packaging the money for a gift.

It turns out that giving gifts is not easy. After all, long gone are the times when the best gift was a book. Now most of us don’t bother and gives money. Of course, the birthday boy will be delighted with this present, only joyful anticipation of surprise will be missing. To avoid this, we offer 14 original ways that will help non-trivial to present a cash gift.

1. Postcard

Открытка с деньгами.

A postcard with money.

A postcard with money – perhaps the most common and banal gift. However, if you include imagination and a little effort, a postcard will be original and memorable. Moreover, the process of manufacture of the present will take literally 15-20 minutes. You just need to roll the money into a tube and fix it with strips of colored paper, stick to the most simple card and to finish the wicks with lights. To get the original oversized postcard holiday candles.

2. The Bank with the money

Банка, наполненная деньгами.

Bank filled with money.

Use the jar instead of traditionally packaging banknotes in an envelope. The Bank needs to tighten the lid, sticking a fun sticker to decorate burlap or bright fabric. Something like conservation of money.

3. Cookie money

Огромное печенье с деньгами.

Huge cookies with the money.

For those who love and know how to bake. Bake large version of the popular fortune cookies. Only instead of paper-predictions put the banknotes. Delicious and original gift, surely, to remember the birthday for years to come.

4. Flowers

Цветы из денег.

Flowers made out of money.

Unlike fresh flowers, a bouquet of money will not wither never. This gift will surely delight the birthday child and remembered.

5. Cigarette case

Портсигар или пачка с купюрами.

Cigarette case or bundle with the bills.

To please the avid smoker can be presenting him a handsome cigarette case or a pack of expensive cigarettes. Only instead of cigarettes or cigars put in the box, banknotes, rolled in tube. An unexpected discovery and a creative approach will not remain without attention and banal gift will be remembered for years to come.

6. A bucket of money

Ведерко с деньгами.

A bucket of money.

If you are invited to a birthday party or a wedding for people who dream about their own homes, or to those who are now engaged in construction, feel free to give them a bucket of money. For this you will need a toy plastic bucket, sand, a few notes and a shovel. Fill the bucket with sand, insert the blade and money, and to the bucket stick the plaque with a themed saying: “For the construction of a private castle”, “repair” or “Start-up capital for the purchase of the apartment.”

7. Syringe

Шприц с деньгами.

A syringe with money.

No time to buy a present for a close person? Give “injection of happiness.” To make this gift you will need a syringe without a needle, beautiful box of the right size and a piece of colored paper. A bill roll into a tube and place in a disassembled syringe. Then assemble the syringe, decorate it with a tag that says “dose of happiness” and put in a nice box.

8. A box of chocolates

Коробка конфет с деньгами.

Candy box with money.

If training gift no time to use any box of chocolates. Just replace the candy on banknotes. Get a pleasant and non-trivial gift.

9. Block of ice

Деньги в глыбе льда.

Money in a block of ice.

Perhaps the most original way to package a monetary gift to freeze the money in a block of ice. To do this, please package the money in a sealed Zip bag and freeze in a small container. To deliver gifts, you’ll need a cooler bag, and to the birthday boy managed to get his gift, give him a small kitchen hatchet.

10. Ball with a secret

Шар с деньгами.

Ball with money.

Great popularity now enjoyed by large helium balloons with glitter inside. If you ask in this ball you can pack and several banknotes. Money Packed in such a way that will please the birthday child, and balloons perfectly fit the atmosphere of the celebration.

11. House

Дом из денежных купюр.

House made of banknotes.

A box of chocolates and a house made of banknotes, will be an original gift for a birthday or wedding.

12. Machine

Машина из денежных купюр.

The machine of banknotes.

Want an original way to present money gift? Make bills of origami. For men can make a small car, and for girls a flower or heart. This gift will definitely impress the guest of honor and will be remembered for years to come.

13. Ships

Корабли из денежных купюр.

Ships from banknotes.

Fans of the nautical theme will certainly appreciate the figures of the ships, made of banknotes. This gift will delight the eye and, if necessary, can be used for any purchases.

14. Umbrella

Денежный зонт.

Money umbrella.

Even a simple gift can be vivid and memorable if it is correctly present. So if you’re going on the birthday or wedding of a loved ones, make a financial umbrella. To do this, banknotes need to be tied to the spokes of the umbrella banknotes. Giving a gift should be closed.

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