Science and technology: How to choose a washing machine that will become the perfect home “laundress”

Как выбрать стиральную машину, которая станет идеальной домашней «прачкой».

How to choose a washing machine that will become the perfect home “laundress”.

On the market today sold about 150 different models of washing machines: standard with frontal and vertical loading to compact cars “all-in-one” unified functions. How to choose among this variety. The most frequent variant – the man simply allocates a certain budget for a washing machine, and finds something in this price range, and then hopes that he’s lucky.

But in today’s market of devices need to consider many factors. So today we will focus on how to choose the perfect washing machine for your home.

Machine type: front load vs vertical load

Besides the obvious, which side to put in the Laundry machine – between these two styles, there are significant differences. But first, you need to understand whether fit new washing machine in the house.

Как выбрать стирающую стиралку.

How to choose an erasing machine.

While most conventional machines with both front and top-loading, have approximately the same width (68 – 71 cm) and depth (76 – 89 cm), height dimensions are totally different. This is because models with front load have a control panel located on the front of the machine, and models with a vertical load control panel located on top of the machine (the rear part).

Стиральная машина с вертикальной загрузкой.

Washing machine with vertical loading.

Because of this difference in the design of many machines is front-loading of additional sets for styling, so you can literally set a suitable dryer front loading on my washing machine (you should always put the dryer on top of washing machine because it weighs less).

Машина с фронтальной загрузкой.

The machine is front loading.

But this does not mean that front-loading machines are only suitable for limited space as the dryer can be put on the side of the washing machine. By the way, should take into account that not all front-loading washers can be stacked (dryer on top setting, or even 1 washing machine), so be sure to check the user manual of the chosen model.

The size of the drum

The volume of a standard washing machine drum is approaching 0,14 cubic meters, so they can easily handle large loads. If you compare the size of the reels machines with front and top-loading, it is easy to detect some differences between them.

И у стиральной машины есть барабан.

And a washing machine has a drum.

The volume of the front most drums machines ranges from 0.12 to 0.14 cubic meters (with some exceptions). The reels of top-loading machines varied much more – from 0.09 to 0.175 in cubic meters, and this is compounded by the fact that in the less expensive models still use the traditional activator – plastic rod, which extends from the bottom of the cover to slip the puck. Activators are the legacy left by the previous generation of the technology of washing machines, and they actually “eat” part of the volume of the drum.

Price of washing machines

Regardless of the type of the machine, it will have to pay a minimum of $ 500. Also there are clear differences in cost between the machines with front-loading and top-loading. Give the approximate cost, to make it easier to determine your budget:

GE Front loading – $ 800- $ 1400; Vertical load – $ 500- $ 1200.
LG Front loading – $ 800- $ 1800; Vertical load – $ 800- $ 1600.
Samsung Front loading – $ 800- $ 1700; Vertical load – $ 550- $ 1500.
Whirlpool Front load – $ 900- $ 1400; Vertical load – $ 550- $ 1400.

Сегодня предлагается широкий ассортимент брендов и цен.

Today, a wide range of brands and prices.

So, prices on good models of front-loading usually starts from $ 800 and models with a vertical load of about $ 500 (with the exception of LG). Productive models with vertical loading also tend to cost about $ 200 less than their high performance counterparts front loading.

Productivity “of machines”

After testing dozens of different models it turned out that the washing machine showed the best and worst performance indicators stains. The front of the machine became something of a “Golden mean”. Vertical washing machines are usually less effective as they tend to use more water during the wash, and significantly more – on average in 2 times.

Стираем больше и чище.

Erasable bigger and cleaner.

According to the American cleaning Institute (ACI), a trade Association whose mission is to support the sustainability of cleaning products and oleochemical industries through research, education, advocacy and evidence – based propaganda- all the washing machines with front loading are high efficiency because they use less water in the process. A negative point is that loading via front-end receiver leads to the fact that the wash cycle takes more time.

Special features

Today, all washing machines perform the same basic function. That’s why their control panels are similar. In any case, will be “normal” wash cycle and there are usually at least eight or nine additional specialized modes, not including temperature setting and rotation. But current models do more than ever before, especially if you take the model of a higher class. We give examples of several advanced features of washing machines.

И в стиральных машинах есть супертехнологии.

In washing machines there are super technologies.

Washing machine GE GEW 750CSLWS with high loading has a feature called “Smart Dispense”. GTW750CSLWS has a soap reservoir that is designed to hold up to 2 gallons of detergent. When you click “Start” the dispenser automatically measures the right amount of detergent, add it to the camera drum, and keeps the rest for future washings.

Built-in sink with faucet
Застирываем пятна вместе с машиной.

Satyrium spot with the car.

Samsung WA52M7750AW has its own sink, is designed to on the spot faded a fresh stain on clothes.

Стиральные машины 2 в 1.

Washing machine 2 in 1.

LG “shook up” the market of underwear when he presented his. Sidekick. These washing machines have a small amount of 2 camera: normal, top and lower from the front side (both cameras have their own the water supply line for simultaneous independent operation). Samsung followed by LG in early 2017, releasing the machine with the system FlexWash.

Big load
Чтобы влезло побольше.

So you could fit more.

LG, Samsung, Maytag and Kenmore decided to go beyond the standard range of drums from 0.12 to 0.14 cubic meters. These companies have released models of washing machines “mega-size” both frontal and vertical load. There are LG washing machine front loading drum size from 0.15 to 0,162 of kuromaru, and Samsung sells washing machines with vertical and front-loading capacity of 0.16 cubic meters. But all surpassed 31633 Kenmore Elite and Maytag MVWB955FC, which have enormous bandwidth 0,175 cubic meters.

Special applications
Всегда можно найти что-то необычное.

You can always find something unusual.

Some models of washing machines in the medium price range work with applications that allow you to start, stop and pause the wash cycle remotely or just view the current status of the wash from phone. GE even offers integration with IFTTT, so at the end of the wash start flashing smart lighting Philips Hue, as well as integration with voice control Amazon Alexa.

In recent times there are special apps and models with the voice control, but while these features are quite limited.

The future of washing machines
То ли ещё будет.

Whether there will be.

Today we can observe an exciting time for the industry of washing. Companies such as Samsung and LG, produce models with many new features and technologies such as washing machines with increased drum capacity, application integration, models that come with built-in sinks and faucets, etc. and there are constantly new innovation.

The undoubted popularity acquire and washing machine Drumi, which does not need electricity.

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