Society: non-peaceful atom: 10 chilling images of atomic explosions from the secret archives

Ужасные и завораживающие фото ядерных взрывов.

Terrible and fascinating photos of nuclear explosions.

Not accepted to remember that in 1945, in addition to the victory in the Second world war, remembered by the humanity and the first combat use of a nuclear bomb. This day in history literally changed everything. In the best way? This only time will tell. Reliably one thing is clear – then a new era has begun.

At the “Biennale 2018” was the exposition of postures called “a Thousand suns”. This images of nuclear explosions (and not only) gathered by the student of geographical faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University Alexander Mikhalchenko. In the exposition of the photos much more. The lion’s share is made on the Rapatronic camera. Most of the photographs until recently was kept secret and was in the national archives of the United States of America. Here are the most colorful of them.

1. A thermonuclear explosion
Страшное зрелище.

A terrible sight.

The world’s first test of a thermonuclear explosive device with a capacity of 10.4 megatons. The explosion of a bomb in the enewetak Atoll on 1 November 1952.

2. Red wind
Один из сильнейших.

One of the strongest.

The bomb capacity of 1.85 megatons in the enewetak Atoll, 9 July 1956. Was made as part of operation “Redwing”.

3. Nagasaki
Так это было.

So it was.

A mushroom cloud over the Japanese city of Nagasaki after 15 minutes after the detonation of “Fat Man” (“Fat”). The power of the charge was 20 kilotons. The picture was taken from the island 10 km from the point of discharge.

4. Explosion in Nevada
В Неваде произведено огромное количество взрывов.

In Nevada made a huge amount of explosions.

Rural students trained in the framework of measures of radiological defense “duck and cover”. The explosion in the background – a real, produced at the nuclear test site United States, Nevada. To it is about 40 km away. the bomb was a 31 kiloton.

5. Explosions in Las Vegas
В Лас-Вегасе была целая ядерная культура.

In Las Vegas there was the whole nuclear culture.

A group of photographers from Las Vegas takes the atomic bombing one of the bombs on the range in Nevada. Photo taken 24 June 1957 cliff News Nob.

6. Testing in the Pacific
Много подрывов сделано в океане.

A lot of explosions made in the ocean.

Undermining test of a thermonuclear charge Shrimp on the Bravo test. The power of the bomb was 15 megatons. It is 1000 times more than the charge dropped on Hiroshima.

7. The most powerful nuclear explosion
Исторический момент.

Historic moment.

Nuclear explosion, conducted in the framework of the test Hood, which took place in 1957. This bomb was the most powerful (including nuclear) ever undermined the USA. Its capacity was 74 kilotons.

8. The explosion on the Islands
Такая служба у пилотов.

Such service pilots.

Aircraft RB-57 Canberra flying toward nuclear mushroom, which arose after the explosion at Bikini Atoll for the selection of radiochemical air samples. The power of an atomic bomb was 65 kilotons. The charge was a fusion. The operation took place on 22 July 1958.

9. Nuclear artillery
Единственный в своем роде.

One of a kind.

Operation Grable – the first and only of its kind test of a nuclear artillery. The shell with the designation W-9 was released from the 280-mm gun M65. In 10 seconds he flew 19 km and exploded at an altitude of 160 metres.

10. Titan in the ocean
Взрыв термоядерной бомбы.

The explosion of a thermonuclear bomb.

Testing of the prototype aircraft nuclear bomb Mk-53. The explosion is made over water at the site enewetak. The power of the explosive device was 8.9 megatons.

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