Society: Why are flight attendants so often kept his hands behind his back: a little secret about which do not tell the airline

И откуда такая серьёзная позиция?

And why such a serious position?

All professions are needed, all professions are important. Some are very mysterious. From the height of romanticism and of real miles on all glancing pilots and flight attendants. After all, everything connected with the sky, have always caused people a lot of questions. For example, a particularly attentive passengers noticed that the flight attendants greeted them, hands clasped behind his back. Is it a coincidence that the rules of etiquette in the air or beauty hiding something? The response below.

Смотришь, и сразу забываешь страх перед полётом.

Watching, and immediately forget fear of flying.

People can eternally look at three things: how fire burns, water flows, and stewardess carry about snacks. Beauty in stylish uniforms and perfect hair always attract glances wherever you go.

Дружелюбная улыбка, но такая cтрогая позиция.

A friendly smile, but such a strict position.

By the way, the rules of some airlines to the absurd strict: for example, if the stewardess will replace without a bright lipstick on your lips, you may receive a reprimand and even a fine. But it’s not about makeup, and about why these same rules make the friendly flight attendants to stand in the “gloom” position – hands behind his back.

Приятно, когда тебя так встречают.

It’s nice to be so welcome.

Of course, to push the heavy cart with Goodies, hands should be free. But helpful people probably said that when the flight attendant welcomes passengers at the entrance or slowly “floats” on Board before take-off (checking whether all buckled in), then her hands always behind his back. The fact that beauty is something hiding in the palms. Guess what?

 Маленький секрет стюардесс.

A little secret of flight attendants.

Here is a keychain. No, no sentiment. This is a manual counter. Flight attendants are required to “click” the button, noting every incoming and after – when all the passengers take their seats. And these two numbers should match.

Каждый пассажир «кликабелен».

Every passenger is ‘clickable’.

Flight attendants are required to count all the passengers, for safety reasons, as well as approximate calculation of water and provisions, which will fill a long-awaited truck. But not to offend the fragile feelings of the passengers a rough conversion, tactfully hiding the counter from prying eyes.

Всё ради вашей безопасности.

All for the sake of your safety.

But that’s not the only little secret, which is hiding flight attendants. Earlier we told you about a trick that helps flight attendants to keep the toilet in the plane of the net to long hours of flight.

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