Industrial design: Innovative Volkswagen monster from the coolness which the hair stand on end

Самый дорогой автомобиль компании.

The most expensive car of the company.

The company Volkswagen, which is famous for its highly affordable cars, decided to go to town and created the most expensive supercar in its history, which should Eclipse all that today we can find on the market in this segment.

Выглядит очень спортивно.

Looks very athletic.

The sports division of the VW Group have created the newest supercars on the motor with the power of a McLaren F1 LM and a weight of Mazda MX-5 to participate in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The machine was developed on the direct orders of members of the Board of Directors of the company. The prototype car was named Volkswagen I. D. R. most recently, the car passed its first test and coped with them successfully. It is understood that the luxury supercar created solely for competitions and various car show.

Невероятно быстрый и мощный.

Incredibly fast and powerful.

What you should know about the new product? The body of one of the most expensive Volkswagen in the history of the made from quite familiar (for racing cars) of carbon. The car can hardly be called truly beautiful, but in fact it’s not supposed to be. An interesting feature of the design was that all the wheels of the pulled five, and not one nut. This decision was taken due to the nature of racing, quickly and frequently change the wheels on the new Volkswagen don’t have to.

Стоит целую кучу денег.

It’s worth a lot of money.

Powertrain at Volkswagen do I. D. R monstrous. In fact, two of them at once. The front and rear of the cabin mounted 1.8-liter turbo engine. Total power of engines greater than 600 horsepower. The car has almost perfect aerodynamic qualities.

Ничего подобного ФВ еще не делали.

Nothing like FV have not done.

Other technical characteristics of Volkswagen I. D. R is not yet known, for obvious reasons they are not disclosed until the very moment while the most expensive car of the company passed all tests and will not appear on the race track. Is there the future of this machine outside of competitions? To answer this question is difficult for even the representatives of the company. It is possible that later a luxury supercar or a new model can come out as a limited series on the market.

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