Industrial design: How and what to properly wipe a smartphone display, so you don’t have to run to the store for a new

Как можно чистить экран смартфона.

How to clean smartphone screen.

Anyone who has a device with a touch screen, knows that from time to time it should be cleaned. This is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Indeed, during the “hygienic” procedures to prevent mistakes that will cause irreparable harm to the display of a favorite assistant.

Не спешим и работаем медленно и методично.

Do not rush and work slowly and methodically.

Modern mobile appliances, particularly smart phones, have large enough screens. After talking on the phone, or intensive typing on the touch screen, he is not very well maintained. Makeup, fingerprints, grease stains. This not only affects the appearance of the device, but degrade the performance of the screen. The sensitivity of the sensor decreases, and the image seems not be so clear.

Не злоупотребляем жидкостями.

Do not abuse liquids.

It is for this reason behind the screen of the smartphone to care: timely clean it from leaving traces and stains, dust, dirt and grease. Care will prevent further scratches. A great solution is to use protective films for the screen. If not, then should clean the screen itself.

There are five simple rules that you should know when caring for the display:
Можно добавить спирта, но только не кислот, не щелочей и не растворителей.

You can add alcohol, but not acids, not alkalis and solvents.

1. Clean should only be blocked by a screen to prevent random taps. And on a dark background stains and dirt are visible much better.

2. It is best to clean the screen use a lint free cloth. It should be much wet, but not to overdo it, avoid liquid infiltration in a secluded place equipment. You can also use wipes.

3. To display General left no residue, cleaned his movements have a specific order. For example, from top to bottom. In the most desperate cases, contamination can use alcohol or perfume. However, and here it is necessary to know the measure. It is also recommended to check whether the screen is resistant to alcohol-based substances!

4. To clear the display in any case do not use substances containing acids, alkalis and solvents. All of them will cause irreparable damage the screen.

5. Remember that any cleaning fluid is poured not on the screen and on the cloth, which wiped the display.

Conclusion: With regular use of a smartphone is a necessity to clean the display will appear naturally every day. It is therefore recommended to use a protective film for the display, as too often the treatment will lead to loss of functionality of the screen and reduce its sensitivity.

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