Industrial design: Headphones for hardcore music fans and lovers of the “hotter”

Самые хардкорные наушники.

The most hardcore headphones.

Why not just let people come up with. Human engineering genius could mix and combine things seemingly incompatible. Take these headphones, installed in a real BDSM-helmet. Who and why invented it? What this camera really is? And most importantly – who can dare to wear such? Now and get answers to all these questions.

When you look at some of the things created by man, you know, what are the boundaries for the imagination of the designer and the designer does not exist. Even if we are talking about such seemingly utilitarian things, like headphones. What could be so special about them? It’s just a device for listening to audio signals. But it turns out and here it is possible to come up with something really “hot”.

Что не сделают бедные дизайнеры, чтобы прокормиться.

That does not make the poor designers to eat.

This is what has been done to the Venezuelan DJ and music producer Arca under the pseudonym Fleet Ilya. Together with Ssense he has developed a unique BDSM headphones. One look at this “miracle” is enough to understand that the head of Fleet Ilya is not all good. In a good way, paradoxically. To make this really difficult. Unfortunately, the unique gadget is not only not free but also not cheap. Are the new headphones Ssense 6 450$.

Использовать на свой страх и риск.

Use at your own risk.

And here the question arises: “what kind of money?”. It is actually very simple. Data BDSM-ear headphones, although they are fully working device (and not only in music!), was intended more as decorative item than applied. In the sense that it is (kind of) a work of modern art. To wear these can, however, Fleet Ilya himself said that this should be done at your own risk, no guarantees, neither he nor the company makes. Including in matters of health security. If the helmet erased skin, no money return will not.

Выглядит угрожающе.

Looks menacing.

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